Monday, May 21, 2018

Chapter 87: Twenty-Fourth


credit: pascalchampion's deviantart
Happy 24th years of breathing dear self... There's still no sweet treats for you since it's a holy month and you're still on holiday but hey, at least you got plenty of love for today... The most heart-warming moment was to know how much love people had been feeling for you and in the end, you just realized that you're still important to them.. For the positive vibes that you had been spreading, congratulations dear self.. For the negativity that you had in life, may you slowly learn how to tune it into a positivity.. Nobody is perfect, but this growing process of yours may affect others too so please, cope with it well.. It's a new life waiting ahead, more adventurous moment waiting for you, or perhaps, a prince charming would be appearing soon..? Who knows, right..? Just don't stop having faith in you.. Keep chasing your dreams, have a wonderful journey and I'll definitely see you again in another year with the same date, okay dear self..? Just remember, no matter what you did or whatever awaits in the future, I'll always love you..

With love, 


  1. Happy birthday! May Allah bless you :)

  2. Happy birthday , dear Hanisss~ <3

    Yes yes . Keep chasing your dream . Don’t give up . Always get the positivity vibes in to yourself . Insyaallah everything will be okay. <3 ameen .

  3. Happy birthday my dear Nesz.

    Dont give up girl. Tak ada orang lain mampu bantu kita kalau bukan diri kita sendiri. Yakin dengan setiap kerja Allah. Abaikan je yang mana merosakkan emosi. Chaiyokk!

    Happy fasting to you :)

  4. Happy Birthday, may Allah bless :)

  5. Happy birthday Hanis! May Allah bless you ❤

  6. Happy birthday! May Allah bless :)

  7. Sanah helwah hanis! :)
    semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki di bawah redhaNya!
    Salam ramadhan ^_^

  8. Happy belated birthday ! :D

    May all your wishes come true and wish you success in life <3

  9. Happy birthday Hanis, May Allah bless you.
    Eh! samalah dengan Mrs. A May baby ;-)

  10. Semoga terus berjaya mencapai apa yang dicitakan my dear Anis. Semoga sentiasa di bawah rahmat Allah hendaknya.

  11. Happy belated birthday dear kak Anis <3 May Allah be with you through your journey of life... and hopefully everything goes well as planned :3
    Happy Fasting!!! ^_^

  12. Happy belated birthday, many happy returns.

  13. To love our dear self is the most sweetest gift we could give to ourselves. Happy 24th anis!

  14. Happy birthday to you girl - continue learning & stay positive ya.


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