Chapter 80: Chocolate, Anyone..?

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Okay I know I had been hibernating for too long..! Well, the time had been moving quite fast lately and I had been losing myself, trying to cope with my new life as a degree student.. Well, we had  been missing out 3 weeks of lecture as we need to settle down with the credit transfers and stuff, the lecturers had to speed up the lectures and here I am, still losing myself and struggling to pull myself together.. 

So far, out of 5 subjects that I'm taking, there's only two that I could cope out fully and there's other 3 that I need to chase up with..! But no worries, I will try my best to catch up with them.. While I barely breath with my studies, I tried to gain some side income by selling the chocolate crisps and here I am, struggling to balance my life as a student and as a businesswoman..? Okay that sounds awkward but shout out to all of the chocolate lovers out there, I'm selling some yummilicious chocolate here and I bet you would really love it..! 

It was actually a homemade rice crisps made by my sister's bff, and she offered me a jar when she saw my graduation day picture that was posted on fb.. I'm not a fan of this kind of chocolate at first, as my first trial wasn't as good as I expected; the rice crisps was not crispy as it should be and the chocolate was in solid state.. But once I received this jar, little do I know I would love it till bits..! In fact, some of my classmates whom're quite new to me, were being skeptical as well but once I offered a spoon as tester, they immediately grab a jar and some even bought two jars at once..! And they had been repeating orders again and again..! 😍

Just in case you're tempted with this unexpected self ads, feel free to support me by placing your order via whatsapp and please support my business ig: @Aunibitezkuptm .. 

p/s: I'm sorry for not being able to do some blogwalking but please bear with me.. I'll definitely do some blogwalking when I'm able to.. 

Chapter 79: Rainbow or Rain..?

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


credit picture: Grafolio
There's a silent soul... 
 Yelling for help.. 
 Hoping for anyone to heard the inner soul.. 
 But non could be heard... 

 "Live your life to the fullest..!"
 It was the easiest phrase... 
 But not the easiest act.. 

 "Breath... No one lives in leisure..." 
 If people do define life as heaven, 
 how do the word hell exist..? 
 But can't they just at least try to understand..? 

"I can't trust that gender anymore.. Each of them is the same..!"  
What about your parents then..? 
Can't you trust them too..? 
And even if you're a broken pieces... 
Can't you just trust in faith..? 

 "Can't you understand me at all..? I'm sicked of that gender..!" 
 Then, can't you accept the fact.. 
 That there's no rainbow without a rain...?
 But why are you blocking the rainbow from getting in now..? 
 Do you need more rain..?

 13/2/2018 : 01.00a.m

Chapter 78: Balik Kampung #7

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


#7: Song to Drive to
It'll be just a quick update for today since this topic stuck me out... I'm not a driver in person and I'm the type whom would sing out to every single song that caught in my mind or I could just sing along with whatever that's being played.. I'm just simple that way.. However, to just accomplish this mission, the only song that caught my mind is "Balik Kampung" by Allahyarham Sudirman.. 

It's like the only song that would give the excite vibe, putting the eagerness on the way back to the hometown.. Well, nothing beats that I guess but I guess, my excitement for this song had vanish, since I'll not going back to any of my hometown anymore and celebrating eid in Seremban won't give the same vibe as I had in Pahang, with arwah Tok.. Okay why am I  distracted right now..?Let's just end it this way... πŸ˜…

P.s: No video since my rented house internet is quite a snail,  plus, it's only a "Balik Kampung" song and I don't want you to cry thinking of your hometown, not in these middle of the week.. πŸ˜‚

Chapter 77: Blissful January

Sunday, February 4, 2018


I've been meaning to write this since last Friday but I had been procrastinating a lot..! Well, I was fully occupied for the past few weeks; preparing myself for degree and I had just settled down with the registration, only by last week.. Alhamdulillah, everything went well so far and since my class might only start by this Monday,I should not delay myself even more and start writing instead..!

Blissful January was actually a dedication post for things that I should be grateful for..There are times I had been comparing life with other people, and sometimes, there's an evil feeling of dissatisfied with my life.. Well, it only ended recently when a friend of mine updated her Whatsapp's status with things she should be grateful for the day and I was thinking, why not..? 

So, here's some stuff that I should be grateful for January 2018:
  • Ibu's Birthday
homemade cheesecake and bihun sup tulang by sissy..😍
The first thing that I should be grateful for is that I still have "Ibu" in my possession... Well, I'm not her best daughter, I did rebel her instructions here and there but no matter what happened between us, she would always be my priority, besides papa.. To appreciate her more, my siblings and I planned a surprise party for her and to be honest, we're suck in it.. Papa was too worried that his wife might get moody with the surprise so he almost made everything failed but thankfully, it was still a success.. 🀣

  • I'm in good health
In order to complete my degree registration, I had to undergo a full medical check-up and to be honest, I was completely nervous for it.. I had a bad experience with it in the past, as I could not complete it immediately and I had to come back on the next day to accomplish it again.. Those memory affected my feelings a bit.. There're lots of "what if" in my mind but thankfully, everything went well..! I was afraid that I might inherit my father's diabetes or whatsoever due to my big size but Alhamdulillah, I'm clear from any of it.. I truly hope I will not inherit any of the disease and I'm truly determined to focus on losing weight this time, not for anyone but for my health..! 

  • Back to the girls

Officially the fourth year of friendship and living together in one roof..!I thought everything ended right after the convocation as some of us were uncertain either to proceed  with bachelor in KUPTM or IPTA but here we are, back to the same place, same house and Insya-Allah, more journey of friendship starts now... I could only hope it lasts longer, and hopefully to the end.. ❤️

  • Unending love from my former students
It was only past few days when I was watching the television, and suddenly my phone rang, showing an unknown number.. I picked it up and I was shocked to here cute voices of 3-4 person yelling, "Teacherrrrrr....!" 

Hearing their voices managed to put a smile on me and all they had been meaning to say was; "Teacher, kitorang rindu... Teacher kat mana..? Bila teacher nak datang ni..?"
"Soon guys.. Real soon..." πŸ˜˜

Ps:// I' ve been away for too long but would be doing some blogwalking as soon as possible, just not tonight.. πŸ˜…

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