Chapter 63: Finally...

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


credit: Nhienan

Food Hunting: Blueberry Bene Pastry @ Caffebene Mid Valley

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Assalammualaikum.. I wanted to find a job while waiting for January to appear, as my degree would only started at the end of January next year... As I was viewing the insta story, an old friend of mine promoted a vacancy and the office is located at the North Tower of The Gardens..

To cut the story short, I only manage to pass the first session and didn't even get for an interview as they sent me back immediately.. There was a slight of frustration inside me. but there's the other side of me that remains so calm, since I had been praying for Allah to ease my journey, if the job was meant for me.. 

Chapter 62: Untuk Papa...

Saturday, November 18, 2017


Being the youngest in the family, my father had set the biggest vision on me..  He had been imagining that I would accomplish his dreams, of becoming the certified accountant.. However, I'm not the easiest one to deal with, as "I'm filled with surprises".. That's how Kak Chik had been claiming of me..

I'm always the laziest person in the family, I didn't study as much as my other siblings did, I didn't bother of getting number one in every school examination, I didn't care about my homework at all but one thing or sure, I always perform with big examinations.. I had a record of having a boyfriend since form 4 and I manage to keep the secrets till SPM results came out, freaking everyone out that I could still manage to get good results... That is how surprising I could be.. 

When I decided to stop ACCA and proceed to TESL, my dad freaked out the most.. He could not look at me, his eyes were filled with anger and there's no comforting words coming from his mouth and he keep depressing me on things.. He even sent a text filled with points of how I made a huge mistake, how my life would be a hell in the future and my biggest supporter atm, Ateh, had to face his anger too.. She called me, crying and begging me to perform my best, hoping that I could show to my dad that it was never a mistake...

28/10/2017, the day that would change everything finally showed up.. He didn't realize that my convocation was coming, giving me a signal that he didn't bother of it at all.. Everything was still awkward at first, he didn't show his smile at all, and we only look at each other awkwardly.. When it was the moment for me to come up on the stage, I had been chanting;
Untuk Papa... Razanah Anis, kau ambil benda ni untuk papa.."
That's what I've been repeating in my heart, and Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly.. When I finally came down to meet my family, I could see how Ateh had been focusing at the escalator, eager to find me.. And there's a person, looking at me warmly with a smile on his face.. A smile that I had been missing for years.. That's when I know, I finally did it.. !

"5 anak Papa.. Kau paling susah papa nak jaga.." - He used to tell me this 6 years ago..
Pa.. I'm sorry for being the most rebellious kids in your life.. I'm sorry for not granting your dream, even when you had faith in me.. I know how much you had hopes in me but I was afraid if I would fail in the end.. I didn't want to be the black sheep of the family and that's why, I'm trying my best to make a u-turn.. It was never an easy journey, without your blessings.. But it was a wonderful journey and seeing the success that I had made, seeing how I manage to make you smile in the end, it was the best feeling I have ever had.. I was hoping that I could have the ANC award for you but, it's impossible without your blessings but Allah helped me to be among the first class students.. And thankfully, that's enough for me to put a smile on you..There will be more for you pa...Always for you.. πŸ’•

Chapter 61: Finding the Tempo..

Thursday, November 16, 2017


I'm losing my writing tempo.. I had been on this site for days, trying to figure what and how should I write.. That's the consequences that I had to face after abandoning this personal space for like, almost a month..? Okay not really a month but checking my achieves, I could have posted more that what had been posted.. 

Well, life had been busy.. September was filled with a slump.. As I'm thinking back, I really had nothing to be done but somehow, the time ain't waiting me at all.. I had been filling my life catching up with my korean dramas, spending my time with my family and I promised that will get back to this on October..

However, my October was filled with the routine of traveling back and forth from Seremban to KL. The route to convocation ain't easy.. There were various forms to be settled down, and coincidently, one of my sister was admitted to the hospital due to her pregnancy.. She stayed there for almost 2 months till she popped out only recently, a week after my convocation.. Due to that, my days were filled with baby sitting my niece and nephew whom my parents had been taking care off, as both of my parents had to spend their evening at the hospital, accompanying their child which is, of course, my sister..πŸ˜‚

And somehow, my days became more disaster when the eye infection appeared for more than a month as I had blabbed before.. To those whom had been wishing for my wellness, thank you so much.. It's still there but getting better now.. πŸ’•

So, since I'm losing my tempo, please ignore my gibberish post today as I'm just writing random stuff, hoping to get my tempo back.. And I guess it's already running to me right now.. Let's just hope I'll be writing again in this next 2-3 days.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Chapter 60: Eye Infection

Monday, November 6, 2017

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