Chapter 26: A day of Humanity

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Assalammualaikum.. If you're asking me to describe my 2017's memories in one word, I would say, it's priceless.. I could complain about my studies all the way, but for this community service subject, I would have to admit, it's a subject that I wish that I do not have to participate at all. When the first time I receive the news that we need to do an 8 hours of community service, I was devastated. I mean, we had lots of assignments waiting in line and here you are, pushing us to do something that we don't want to?!😢

We were thinking of a clichΓ© service, like serving the old folks or the orphanage but rejected by our lecturer. She wanted to finish this fast and her suggestion was to do 8 hours program at the mosque but rejected by a few students, claiming that they should just pick Pengurusan Masjid if they want to be in Masjid.. Well, they got their point and somehow, we came out with this double social work; cleaning the mosque in the morning and feeding the homeless at night.

We gathered at Masjid al-Azim, Pandan Mewah at 9 am and it was actually scheduled by the mosque community itself. Well, just in case you're around the corner, you should visit the mosque every Saturday morning since it had it's own morning market, selling lots of food and you could listen to the talks while having your breakfast there.. That's is what we've been doing and turns out, we only did an hour of community service as we were asked to wait for the Ustaz of the day to finish his talk and since it was based on their instruction, we only need to clean the mosque compound.. 😴

To be honest, even it's only an hour of work, my mate and I took a long day nap as a sign we're tired for the day,. We fell asleep at 2 and only woke up at 5,getting ready for the next project, feeding the homeless.. We've promised to meet up at Masjid Negara at 9 but due to our collaborated party of the homeless  lateness, they showed up only at 10 pm..

Around 10.30 pm, we started to split up into 2 groups and walked to the Masjid Negara's front square, where most of the male homeless had their nap. We took our time delivering the foods and interviewing them. I manage to approach two guys at the middle age of 20, both of them were talking to each other and one of them was holding a smartphone. A homeless with a smartphone? Well, here' s the truth.

One of the guys came from Sabah, cheated by an agent saying that he could work in Singapore. He's apparently working nearby the Masjid Negara, having a salary of RM2000 but he sent RM1500 to his parents and survived himself sleeping there, not renting any home and surviving with the RM500. His another friend, was a guy from Johor. He used to be one of the best worker but cheated by his boss and his title was replaced by the boss' nephew. The unfairness caused him to stop trusting the company and keep searching for new work. Well, they shared lots of life experience with us and we have to say, some of this homeless could be respected.

With an hour left, we moved to the next location, Jalan Tar and it was the place where my emotions had the biggest conflict. Children at the age of 3-6 years surrounded us, asking for a piggy back and wanted us to play with them. We entertained them for a while before the rain started to pour down heavily but that didn't stop them from being loud. Their parents ignored them and just let them to be around us,

Out of all the children, I could never forget the boy whom quietly hold my shirt from the back and when I turned around, he was smiling looking at the other kids whom was running under the rain. I carried him up, and all he had been doing was sitting on my arm quietly and landed his cheeks on mine while wrapping his small hands around my neck.. And he stayed on my arms for more than 15 minutes.. 😭

I might be not hoping for this before but now, I could never be grateful than this.. I had been thinking a lot about my parents lately, how grateful am I to have a home to stay, a parents whom care and hopefully, a career for my future kids to be proud of (tak nak kalah ayat tu).. It's a night of humanity and filled with life lesson.. This is one of my 2017 best memories which I would never forget,, Ever..

I had been thinking a lot about you, and I just hope you'll grow up well...
 Hopefully we would meet again sooner or later, dear boy.. 😭

Chapter 25: Rant on Life - February

Friday, February 24, 2017


Chapter 24: 2017 Unexpected Gathering

Monday, February 20, 2017


I was scrolling my FB's timeline and one post caught my attention..
Assalamualaikum wbt dan Salam Sejahtera kepada semua rakan blogger/ex-blogger/kenalan fb Aesya Zealous yang mengenali diri ini.
Saya & keluarga dengan rasa besar hati ingin menjemput Dato/Datin/Tuan/Puan/Encik/Cik yang dikasihi sekalian ke majlis walimatul urus saya....*and the rest was the invitation details* πŸ˜‹
It's been years since the last time I joined the blogger gathering, as the matter of fact, most of them whom I used to meet had stop blogging for quite some time..  Kak Aesya was part of my blogging sister and I enjoyed her blog so much.. I do remember the moment when one of the ex-blogger , Syakir Rahman introduced me to kak Aesya, she treated me too well, simply as her own sister.. 

Knowing that she was getting married, I wanted to come and celebrate her big day but it was impossible for me to go there alone.. The only person whom I could ask to accompany me was Syakir Rahman but it's been years since we hang out together so contacting him might be a weird thing to do and guess what? I ignore those feelings and immediately inbox him instead..

I could consider myself as lucky since Syakir agreed to accompany me, and there's no other words to describe how happy am I to be able to attend the wedding and meet my old buddies, kak Aesya and Syakir ofc.. 

Random fact: Syakir Rahman could be considered as one of my closest blogging buddy since we had been going around together for almost 2 years before both of us made our own way and disappear from the blogging world.. 

"Weh nis, betul ke ni.. Betul ke tu Aesya?" looking at the stage.. "Betul la kot, pengantin makeup memang lain la..""Tapi asal takde sorang blogger pun? Ke kita yang lambat sangat?" "Ala sorry la.. Aku bukan sengaja lambat.." I felt guilty to him.. 😭I made a deal to meet Syakir at the Shah Alam's KTM at 1 but due to the unexpected delay caused by the train, which made me in total guilty for making it late, we arrived at the wedding hall only at 3, which was almost the end of the ceremony. A slight confusion occurred when we hardly recognize kak Aesya, and we're afraid if we're at the wrong wedding.. 
As kak Aesya was walking down from the aisle, she stopped at one table and our eyes were fixed to her.. We caught her kept pointing at both of us, talking to the pair at the table and then we realized, we're not alone.. haha.. There's another two person whom was also ex-blogger  and it became a sudden gathering for us, the ex-blogger.. Oh wait, you should exclude me.. 

From left: Syakir, me, kak Ana, Bro Padil@Nyu, Kak Ruzz (Nyu's wife) 😚

meet the ex-blogger ft. the bridesπŸ™ˆ, again, I'm excluded.. πŸ’…
This was the most random but the best memory I had for this year.. They taught me that no matter how weird things had been, it's always good to be together again.. It might be a temporary moment, but Insya-Allah this would be stored in my memory forever.. Looking forward to meet them again, who knows.. kan? πŸ’•

Food Hunting: Valentine's Day @ Kyochon Pavilion

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Assalammualaikum..  This might sounds so wrong but please don't get it wrong.. I didn't celebrate Valentine's but oh well, I just happened to go out  on that day to redeem my free GSC ticket, and as I had been planning for it, the Valentine's Deal of the restaurant came out.
I had been tempting by it since last year but due to insufficient account balance, I had to just forget it.. But when the deal came out, I just don't care anymore even if it's mean I'd be broke at the end but as long as my craving was satisfied, I'm done for this month.. πŸ˜…

Kyochon's Valentine's Day Deal:The smell of roses, chocolates, balloons and flying kisses everywhere. Our every 14th promo isn't over yet, get your 8pcs of hawt chicks of Original / Red wingettes and drummettes only at RM 14 (Ori Price: Rm18.50) today! - source: here

Red Pepper Wingette and Drummet & Soy Garlic Wingette and Drummet..
I managed to grab these two types of chicken for the total of RM 28 while the actual price for these two are RM37.. Well, it's still a bit pricey actually since it was a total of 16 pieces of chicken drummet (8 for each flavor) but then,I'm not regretting this.. Why?

It was the best,flavorful crispy fried chicken I had ever had.. Even my partner of that day whom did not eat chicken's skin part (she hated the wings as they were covered with skin), scolded me when I grab the chicken's skin that she separated..

Well, she didn't even eat KFC's chicken-skin and she always gave it to me so I thought she would not eat this one either.. When I saw she was separating the skin, I just grab it but then I learn that Kyochon's chicken is an exception to her since the sauce covered the skin, made it tastier.. Okay, should be careful after this..  Somebody might be craving for this more and more.. haha..

Well, if you're wondering for this restaurant, their pricing and stuff, you may visit their website, Kyochon's Official Website or, follow their Instagram.

Nota kaki:

Not sure if you're reading this or not but I do I know you do stalk my blog, Thanks for being my partner, sissy and friend for this Valentine.. For the romantic movie, for the best companion I had with you, I love you..😍

Chapter 23: A word, A heart..

Sunday, February 12, 2017


The boredom strike her heart.. She immediately opened her Wechat apps from her phone and hit the search button of People Nearby.. It's one of the features which allows people to expose self to the strangers and make the opportunity to meet someone new.. Well. at least she won't be bored for that particular moment.. 

After few seconds, her Wechat was filled with two greetings from two guys.. The first guy, using his own face as profile picture named A, greeted her with the simplest two words greet, "Hi.." while the second guy named F, using the sea view as his profile picture, greeted her with only one word, "Assalammualaikum.."

She decided to just approve both of them and once she approved them, A immediately approached her.. 
A: Hi.. Thanks for approving me.. Intro please? 
She: Sure.. She, 1 y/o, Kampung..
A: Oh, I'm A, 3 y/o, Bandar.. Where are you right now? Wanna meet up? 
She: Eh.. But it's almost midnight and I barely know you.. How could we meet? 
A: I could pick you up at your house.. No worries, I had a car so let's just meet up and spare some time together.. 
She: Err.. I would bring a friend then since it's almost late now...
A: No, it's our first meet.. Let's just spend the time by our own.. Shall we? 
He might be using his own face but there's an uncomfortable feelings surrounding her and she decided to ignore A's request.. As the matter of fact, she wanted to block him immediately and just stay away from him.. Few hours later, new notification came in.. It's from F, whom had not greeted her at all since she approved him..
F: Assalammualaikum.. Thanks for approving me and sorry for being late.. I'm doing some work just now..   She: Waalaikumsalam.. You're welcome and it's okay.. I understand your condition..
F: Would you mind for an intro?
She: Not at all.. She, 1 y/o, Kampung..
F: Oh, I'm f, 2 y/o, Pinggir..
She: F, could we talk later? It's getting late now..
F: Sure, I'm just about to tell you the same thing.. We would talk again, tomorrow, shall we?
She: Sure F..
F: Alright then.. Assalammualaikum awak.. 
The time past by and each day, she would definitely receive greetings from F.. He would definitely started the conversation by giving a salam and he would definitely ended it with the same way.. One day, F expressed his feelings to get to know her better, outside of the virtual world..

Unlike the ignorance that A received, she willingly agreed to meet F.. He might not be using his own face as the profile picture but his approachable manner of giving a salam made her self to trust F and allowed her to give him a chance.. From then, they started to be real friends, outside of the virtual world.. 

Till when or where would the friendship goes? Nobody knows.. But one thing for sure, it's amazing on how a heart could accept and trust a person with just a simple word, "Assalammualaikum... " 

written by;
-Flavnesz @ Chapters-

Chapter 22: Goodbye MN..

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Assalamualaikum.. This post would be related to Chapter 21: The First Visit.. 

The Sudden Reminder
All of the production crews were in pressure.. It's only few days before the play and everyone was playing their role perfectly, trying the best to make it a success.. Sir Zain's entrance made everyone stopped working and focused on him.. 

"Guys, I have some reminders to be delivered. Please gather around now.."

When everyone had settled down, he continued..

"Okay, saya dapat call dari pihak Muzium.. Dia suruh saya sampaikan pesan kat korang, please make sure korang tagging barang elok-elok.. Buat rekod.. Kira betul-betul.. Nanti masa kemas, make sure barang cukup.. Kalau ada lebih, jangan ambik.. Same thing to your bags.. Before balik, korang kena cek dulu satu-satu.. Jangan nanti terbawak balik bukan benda korang.. Lagi satu, kalau pergi toilet, jangan pergi sorang-sorang.. Pergi dengan member.. One more thing, just in case korang ada terjumpa gelang emas, jangan ambil.. Leave it there.. Behave perangai masing-masing masa kat sana..Lagi satu, we are not allowed to leave after 6.. Sharp pukul 6, kita kena stop.. okay?" 
Note: One of my friend did found the gold bracelet when the crews when there to check the auditorium by themselves.. She touched it but then, she left it there and it was before the reminder came out.. 
28 October 2016: Rehearsal Day 
1. We were told that we're not allowed to enter the ladies' changing room, simply because it was watery.. And the room was locked before the other team started their practice.. 

2. The Laskar Sonas whom were in charge for sounds and lighting opened a remix songs while waiting for everyone to get ready..Some of the crews were having fun, dancing to the songs till suddenly, the catchy song turnged into a classic song, old songs which you couldn't recall the title.. One thing for sure, it's not even in the Laskar Sonas system and luckily it stopped after few minutes..

29 October 2016: Supposedly not the last day but sadly, it was the end.. 
3. The props team was in pressure.. Some of the props item went missing, and it's not the ordinary prop.. One of them was one of the outfit for one of the main character, a black dress!

4. The main lead whom played the part as bully victim almost collapsed herself while she's getting her make-up. and she claimed that the she felt she'd fallen too into the character, a weak girl..

5. There's a white melur left by unknown on the table for the props.. No one dared to touch it..

6. It was in the middle of the play when two of our team were possessed, and we had to cut our final scene, leaving the stories without final chapter and replace it with humor to cover the truth from the crowds..

Moment of truth: 
The ladies' changing room was owned by "someone" , sort like the leader there.. The "someone" possessed one of the crew, claimed that she hated us for making noise at the place and wanted us to leave, but she refused to leave the body.. It took hours for her to leave and she only returned the girl to us when we called someone from Darul Shifa'.. From 4 pm to before maghrib, she really took her time to feel the moment..

Remember the big mirror I told you which I hated the most? My instinct was right.. She made her runway to the big mirror and keep saying how pretty she was, expressing her love to the body.. The forbidden ladies' changing room? It was her room..

She talked in Malay-Javanese ancient language, and she appeared as a graceful lady from the way she talked and walked, she even danced on the stage when the stage was empty..  (probably she's the palace dancer, keraton perhaps..?)

The actress whom almost collapsed? Our sketch was opened by the girl, walking down the stairs of the seats while singing rain rain, go away and guess what? One of lecturer said, " saya tak nampak awak yang turun tangga tu Izzati.. Saya nampak perempuan, pakai vail, pegang bunga yang turun tangga tu.." 😨

Oh, and the last chapter which was not be able to perform, the Laskar Sonas showed us the script that they had and guess what? According to the script, we completed the story successfully and the last final chapter which was supposed to be done had clearly vanished from their record.. However, the missing chapter did exist during the practice section, which was actually few minutes before the show started.. How did it went missing..? Nobody knows..
I couldn't tell the full exact story but here's a brief of it, focusing on my team since the other team managed to complete their story with only little disturbance since their's was in morning session.. .. Due to this incident, we had to cancel out final day and the whole semester burden turned into tears.. Up till now, we're still in heartbreaking mode.well, no more Muzium Negara for me.. Goodbye MN.. 
 If you wish to watch our performance, here I compiled together the youtube-released video for both production.. It might be imperfect but we did our best..

Cendol Weather by Mana-Mana Production of KUPTM KL *my team*

The Magic Lamp by Lapek Production of KUPTM KL

Chapter 21 : The First Visit..

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Friendly reminder: this post would be in "Rojak" as I try to deliver it as smooth as I could.. Thanks for bearing with my language.. πŸ˜€

Wani and Aziq had to deal with the authority of Muzium Negara for the booking of their basement auditorium.. It was the best place that they had occurred and with the limited budget, the auditorium was all left.. Tagging along for the confirmation, Wani proudly showed the "prestigious" stage to me..

I started to look around, it was a normal auditorium but able to impress me.. Red cinema-like seats, huge stage with dark blue curtains covering the stage, with quite a cheap amount, what else to complain?

"Ada bilik persalinan tak..?" I asked..

"Ada, hujung sana.." Wani showed to me a dark corner, just beside the stage's stairs.. I looked at it and the strange feeling appeared, but neglected it..

"Pergi la tengok, ok ke tak.."

I gulped but I started to walk down the stairs, passing the seats one by one to the stage but at the last stair case, I stopped.. My eyes were fixed at the dark corner but I immediately went up again, joining my friends..

"Asalkan ada, ok la tu.. Biar bebudak ni tengok sendiri nanti.."

"Ya Allah dia ni.. Meh sini.. "

Wani and Aziq took their steps and I tailed along.. When we arrived at the dark section, I peeked from behind.. It's too dark and I hated it.. Aziq step forward and opened the lights for me..

"Ha, meh tengok.."

There's two separated small room.. Bilik persalinan lelaki & bilik persalinan wanita.. lorong kecil jadi pemisah stage & dua bilik tersebut.. But what attracted my attention, there's a big mirror at the end of the small road, so while you're making your way to the stage, keluar je dari bilik tu, you could see yourself walking the runway.. But, I hated the surroundings.. It's too gloomy..

Wani stepped into the girls' changing section, while I walked past it and just walked towards the mirror but then, I immediately walked out of the section and asked them to finish their deal.. I just want to leave, asap.. I don't know why, but one thing for sure, I hate those changing section..

I wanted to finish this in one shot, but I guess it's better this way.. Will continue this asap.. Before I forget, if you're new to my blog, you might want to read my 2016 closing chapter, and you'll understand.. 

Chapter 20: Move On

Friday, February 3, 2017

Move on... It's the most basic, simplest advice for a person whom suffered a broken heart.. As the matter of fact, it was the only thing they could say, followed with the reasons of why that person should move on and normally, they would just list out the faults that the "heart-breaker" had made... 
"All you need to do is to move on.. (He/she) don't deserve you at all.. Why would you cry over someone that had made you like this? That person had (listing all the stuff that could be count as mistakes)... Forget the person.. You deserve a much more better person..Just.. move... on...  okay?"
And then the person would slowly stop crying, and agree to move on.. Look at how easy the word could calm a person.. But here's a quick question..
If your feeling was real, would it be easy for you to move on?
People might say, as long as you could live out your life, it means you have move on.. But have they thought about the memories that remains, the silent cries that you had, the emptiness that you had hid behind the 'I am happy with my life' soul? 
"Why bother thinking about someone whom don't even deserve your love..? That person had move on, so should you..! Open your heart to someone else.. Who knows you might be able to move on.."
Well,it's not that you chose to be trapped in this moving on game.. It's a feeling which could not be controlled by  anyone.. Just believe in faith and destiny, no one knows what Allah has kept for us.. Right? 
"Just try to be with anyone, at least someone.. That's the easiest way to move on.."
Using anyone in order to move on from someone, don't you feel that's a selfish act for you to do? What if you won't be able to love that person till the end, won't you feel the guilt? 

It's not easy to move on, and I would never ask someone to move on.. I would only advice the person to slowly accept the reality and live your life to the fullest, prove to the person that leaving you was the biggest mistake he/she had made..  
It's been 5 years for me and I am still not able to move on from the past.. But looking forward to the future while reminiscing the memories, they gave me strength to face the challenges..  And again, always have faith in Allah... πŸ˜‰
Nota kaki: It's only a opinion of mine afterall.. Feel free to share your thoughts, probably it would help me to think in a better way.. 😊

written by;
-Flavnesz @ Chapters-
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