Chapter 102: Screams

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

credits: grafolio

If it ever meant to be..
Will it ever be...?
If the consequences is unbearable...
How could it be bearable..?
Those yelling screams...
Just how to shut it down..?

The single laughter...
The empty silence...
The silent tears...
A mixture of emotions....
Just how to double it..?

The urgency of precious moment...
The belief of preserving the memories...
The courtesy to embrace the courage...
Just where these miracle could be...?

written by;
-Flavnesz @ Chapters_ 8.23 p.m.-

cinephile: Extreme Job a.k.a Geukhanjikeob Review [2019]

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

p/s: I am not supposed to be here right now since I have an assignment that needs my attention but I could not hold myself as  I am so eager to share this with you guys!

Ryu Seung-ryong, Lee Hanee, Jin Seon-kyu, Lee Dong-hwi, Gong Myung

A team of narcotics detectives goes undercover in a fried chicken joint to stake out an organized crime gang. But things take an unexpected turn when the detectives' chicken recipe suddenly transforms the rundown restaurant into the hottest eatery in town.

This movie is a must watch for those whom is seeking for laughter...! I swear to you guys that you could barely stop laughing and this movie is just lit.. My friend tagged me to watch the trailer for this movie on fb but I just don't really care enough to watch it. Instead, I  just agreed to her invitation to watch this movie and yes, I'm so glad that I did not left this out.. Of course there might be some break especially at the part of the criminals, some exaggerating fighting scene but it was just for a while and you will just ended up laughing again and again.

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