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Friday, March 31, 2017

Assalammualaikum... I've been receiving some questions coming from my email and fb's private message regarding furthering the study in Diploma of Teaching English as a Second Language at Kolej Poly-Tech Mara Kuala Lumpur (KUPTM KL). I just noticed that the newest intake would be registering on 13th May while the UPU result would only be released a day after the registration day so I know that my future juniors (cewahhh) would be in dilemma.. So hereby, I'd list out the similar questions that I've been receiving and hopefully, this entry could help you in making the decisions.. πŸ˜‡ *this emoji cuz i'm feeling like an angel right now..*

Excuse those unpaid models and I just realized we've only taken pictures at this area once so there's not much of choice left.. 

Friendly reminder: The questions would be in Malay but I'd be answering it in English since I'm used to this language when in comes to blogging..πŸ˜…

1. Macam mana persekitaran pembelajaran dekat situ.. Ok atau tak..?
Well, this is the most basic question that I've been receiving.. To be honest, if you're looking for a decent learning atmosphere, without the hustle and bustle of the city, then KUPTM ain't a place for you guys since it's almost right in the middle of the city, but to be frank, this is the most suitable environment for you to be bold and speak English confidently.. 

But one thing to remind you, our campus ain't as big as the famous university but at least, they had their own building for you to be proud of.. 
2. Macam mana dengan kemudahan dia..?
If you're wondering about the food expenses, there's a cafe inside the campus building, with quite reasonable price. Besides that, there're lots of mini stalls surrounding the outside gates of the campus, and the good news is, some stalls provides food packages with reasonable price.. So, worry not about your hunger.. πŸ˜‰

Since one of the conditions provided is to stay in their "hostel" for at least 2 semester, you must be wondering how the hostel would look like. Well, you could put a smile now as KUPTM provides either a condominum or apartment for you.. But,I'd love to inform you that you would be staying with 14-15 person in a house. This might horrify you for a while but trust me, slowly you'd just miss the memories when you're out of the hostel.. And hey, on a bright sight, you already have 15 friends before the class started.. How cool is that..? πŸ˜†

Transportation? our campus is located right across LRT Pandan Jaya so you could always walk there using the pedestrian bridge provided or if you're lazy, just grab an Uber or Grab.. Both of them are my main transportation now..😜
3. Macam mana dengan peluang nak sambung degree nanti..? Boleh ke nak sambung di IPTA..? 
Actually, you could always pursue your degree in other ipta/ipts but KUPTM provided a better offer for their teslian student.. I'm  not really sure either 1 and a half year or a maximum of 2 years for BACHELOR OF ARTS (HONS) IN APPLIED ENGLISH LANGUAGE STUDIES, but one thing for sure, it might not take 3 years for you to achieve your degree, if you manage to cope with it, of course.. πŸ˜…
4. Macam mana pulak dengan pinjaman..? Ada MARA tak..?
One of the reason I choose KPTM (their name before upgraded) was because they do provide MARA as an alternative of the PTPTN but of course, with a few important alert: "C" at least for your SPM Mathematics and as usual, the amount that you'd receive is based on your parents' income.. 😁

That was all the common questions that I've been receiving so far and if you've any other questions that are not listed, feel free to drop down your comment here or contact me via email or social sites that I've provided.. πŸ˜€

p/s: Some of the memories of the coursework that I had done for this course were written here...

Chapter 35: of Time and Money

Monday, March 27, 2017


Kak,if you have to pick, to be with someone whom willing to spend his money on you or to be with someone whom would spend his time with you, which one would you choose..?
"Someone whom would spend their money.. or someone whom would have their time with me..?"
 She asked for the second time, just to confirm the question..
"Mhmm.. " 
The girl  responded..
"Someone whom would have time for me.."
Hearing the response that she received, with an unknown smile on her face, she continued,
 "Because that's what I've been waiting for.."
And the conversation ended there but then, she  started to doubt herself, asking the same question secretly to herself..

Having someone whom would spend his money on you would be nice, but does that really meant he love you..? 
What if.. He do love you and willing to spend his money on you but there's a thing you need to sacrifice, the time for you to know each other better... 
Would you be happy in that way..?
Would you be able to feel the love for that particular time..?
Smiling to herself, she knew what exactly that she wanted in life..

Money might be the answer for a temporary happiness, and when it's gone, you need to struggle to gain it back.. But having someone by your side, whom would be your stress reliever and stays with you through up and downs, won't you feel more appreciated in that way..? ☺
 written by;
-Flavnesz @ Chapters-

Chapter 34: A Bottle of Calpis

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Chapter 33: Pluviophile

Thursday, March 16, 2017


I've been opening the dashboard everyday actually and I wanted to join the Lazada contest but each time I opened the saved title page,  I 'd always find myself empty.. Well, I would still join the contest but maybe will be posting it on this weekend.. Still finding the spirit to start writing it..

It's raining outside and as usual, my mind would always distracted during the wet weather and again, I've no idea where this would end...

Since the SPM results would be coming out today, to those whom would be accepting your result, Goodluck..  You had try your best and it's the fate that Allah had granted to you, don't be sad and no worries, there's always another route for your future..

Somehow, I'm smiling, reminiscing the moment when my result was about to come out.. Well, I'm a cheater actually since I had know my result earlier.. How did I manage to know it? Well, do you believe in sixth sense? I do.. 

My Tok (my mom's mother)  somehow had the special ability which is unpredictable to me.. When I was waiting for my PMR, She kept telling me, 
"Tok tak tau Anis dapat berapa, sama ada( ...) tok duk nampak (...) beratur tapi (..) lagi tu kabur.." 
I don't want to believe her at first but then, when the result came out, it appeared as how Tok had predicted.. So on the night before receiving the SPM result, I called her and asked, 
"Tok nampak dak Anis dapat berapa?"
"Tok nampak (..) tersusun tapi lagi (..) tersorok.."
And again,  I don't want to believe her as I wanted to believe that I could get straight A's but oh well, I guess she's too special till Allah had granted her the special gift.. When the result came out, my mom told my aunt on my result, and my aunt answered, 
"Ya Allah yong, mak kita tu special sungguh.. Dia pagi tadi nangis kat adik, cakap dia nampak Anis ambil result, dia nampak Anis dapat (..)"  
Up till now, Tok had been my another spirit booster..Each time I'm visiting her, she always had this conversation with me:
"Anis berapa lama lagi nak habis belajar?"
"Lama lagi tok.. Anis kan tukar course.."
"Takpa.. Tok jamin anis boleh kalahkan depa semua..(depa as in my siblings) Biakan depa duk cakap apa, Anis paling kaya nanti.."
"Amin.. Tok doakan Anis nah Tok.."
And she would be looking at me while smiling meaningfully...
Writing this made me missed her now and she's not in her best condition lately.. Tok.. You won't be reading this but I just hope you would be in good health and be with me throughout this journey.. Your trust in me made me where I am right now and your words heals me the most.. And I really wish your words to me do come true again.. I trust you the most, Tok.. And I would work my best to make sure your dream in me comes true.. 

Chapter 32: Living in the past..?

Sunday, March 12, 2017


 It's quite hard me for to write now (hard as if, how should I start or what should I write), due to my previous post but somehow, I guess I need to update, just to let you know that I'm fine and that emotional feelings didn't last longer.. No worries.. Special thanks to those whom commented on the post as they totally heal me up with such kind words and supports.. You guys're the best.. 😭

Well, out of all of the comments, Syed's comment ( I don't think I should promote him anymore since he's literally one of the famous blogger now.. haha..) totally gave an idea to reconcile a thing.. I'm not living in my past, it's just the memories re-appeared that night..

I was having a girl's talk with one of my housemate and she told me about one of our college mate whom had been crushing on her but already rejected, asking her to just accept him as sort of 'teman tapi mesra..?' ,being the one whom support him and stuff and I guess, with hope that one day, the feelings would be there..

However, this friend of mine is a demure lady so she couldn't understand how that should work.. She didn't understand how having someone by your side could boost you up which is why, I need to use my past as an example and it's just how I'm trapped in the back to the memory lane game..

Reminiscing the past, remembering how strong I used to be before everything ended, those made my mind messed up.. I've actually declared this matter in Chapter 20: Moving On.. I know that my previous post sounds like I'm regretting it, but what else could you expect from an unstable mind of missing someone..? haha..

To be honest, I'm not regretting any of life.. It's just sometimes, I do wonder, how my life would be if I'm choosing the other route.. What would happen if I'm still in ACCA..? What would happen if I insists for not giving ACCA any chance, from the start..? How my life would be if I'm not at this state, right now..? 

It's all about the un-answered question with full marks but one thing for sure, I should never regret with my life.. Why..?

Because my life is ruled by myself.. I'm deciding my own path and which ever route I'm choosing, nothing could be easier as life is all about facing the challenge.. So why should I regret? Just keep moving forward and deal with your life but in the same time,  keep looking at your past.. Not to regret, but to take the lesson and prevent it from occurring again... After all, life is always a wonderful journey and don't forget, there's always a rainbow after a rain..  πŸ’•

Chapter 31: Just for tonight..

Saturday, March 11, 2017


Chapter 30: How's Life?

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


"How's life?"

She paused upon hearing the question... 
How could she answer it? 
Should she give the clichΓ© answer, 

"Life is good..." 
"Life could never be better..."

When she knows that her life could never be perfect.. 
As the matter of fact, everyone's life is imperfect..
So why would people bother asking about other's life,

Life is always a miserable, to everyone.. 
It's always about the ups and down, 
Dealing with the issue and getting messed up.. 
Feeling empty and begging to feed the soul..
But there's happiness in it..
She could be in trouble but she's enjoying her life..
So how could she answer to that question?

"You know what? My life is always a mess and complicated but since you're asking, I would say my life is unique.. How about yours..? Is it in disaster..?"

Instead of asking about other people's life, be polite and ask, "what you're up to..?" It sounds better that way and obviously, sounds smarter too..
written by;
-Flavnesz @ Chapters-

Chapter 29: Sunshine Blogger Award - Mayy Jiee


Chapter 28: Sunshine Blogger Award

Sunday, March 5, 2017


Chapter 27: Route to Resolution - February

Friday, March 3, 2017

Assalammualaikum.. I didn't even realize that we had entered March and I'm late for my monthly route to resolution updates but oh well, this would still be valid for me... 😝 

As usual, a friendly reminder, this entry is just an honest update for me to keep track with my previous life and this is essential for me, in order to achieve my 2017's resolution.. 😚

  • Spend wisely
Well, I'm not sure about this since most of money goes to my beauty essentials and cooking stuffs but, one thing for sure, I couldn't hold myself from buying a lipstick, Shade Dough by Hanis Zalikha to be exact..I'm sorry, dear self.. I couldn't control it when the BR1M came in.. Let's fix this on April, since I just bought another stuff just now from Elianto's Warehouse sale.. hehe.. 😁

  • Saving money
I'm planning to save around RM100 at least when the BR1M came in but well, as you guys know, I couldn't.. But..! I'm planning to make it up with my MARA money and hopefully, nothing could tempt me for breaking it.. Well, probably not RM100 as I had planned but a lil bit more than the amount of my monthly saving.. Not to forget, I received RM2 from VASE, by answering their survey, of course.. πŸ’•

  • Stop being an angry bird
Well, I'm not easily mad anymore, but last month, an incident occurred where I screamed loudly, calling a stubborn headed house mate.. First, a pack of 10 eggs which I had bought was emptied by unknown and it went missing while I was on a week break.. Had one of the suspect and she admitted it to a house mate but she didn't admit it or saying any sorry to me which pissed me off badly.. Next,my mom gave me a non-stick pan last year, and it was for me to grill my food as a sign of her support. I allowed my house mates to use it but with one condition, do not use any steel spatula as it was the basic rules for a non stick pan..  I had reminded them thousands of time since last year but the same girl whom took my egg, she basically just ignore the rules and use it with the steel spatula..  It's not the first time I caught her ignoring my reminder.. So one night, I just couldn't bare the same mistake and screamed her name and burst my anger to her.. I'm sorry but not so sorry.. 😠

  • Focus on diet
I'm still missing the vibe and the pressure of life hit me, causing me to keep stuffing foods in my mouth.. I should stop blaming and finding reasons.. Work it out, Razanah Anis.. Nobody gonna help you with this except yourself.. !😑
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