Chapter 10:Am I happy?

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Sometimes, I wonder... 
Am I happy with my life?
When I was a kid, I used to life in my own imagination..
Where happiness is living around while sadness doesn't exist in the dictionary...
Where success could be achieved easily without the existence of effort.. 
Where everything goes right and wrong just vanished from the world..
Where Prince Charming appears and fairy tales are real.. 
Where appearance is not a matter to anyone and beauty applies to everyone..
Where everyone stays and no one is leaving...

As the time past by...
The imagination bounced itself, reflecting life in other way.. 
Happiness dissolved itself with not only sadness, but various of emotions.. 
It doesn't exist without the existence of effort..
And nothing would goes right without left by it's side..
Prince Charming?
You would learn that he would still appears but not as smooth as the fairy tales.. 
You would learn that you're living in a judgemental world... 
But beauty is a subjective of someone's perspective.. 
And you would learn..
That no one remains forever in your life.. 

Dear self, if you're asking whether am I happy or not..
The answer is I am happy but I'm living with an empty hole...
As it's completely different from what my mind had expected..
But dear self...
Now I'm wondering...
Why should I live if nothing goes wrong..?
Isn't life means to fix your life for a better future? 
So dear self..
If you're questioning me...
Am I happy with my life?
The answer would always be, YES..!


P/s:: This is a very random post.. I found a picture containing the text, "Am i happy?"  and suddenly, my mind starts thinking like this and here am I, sharing it in this blog and probably, this would be the best as my own self reminder.. 
 written by;
-Flavnesz @ Chapters-


  1. sometime it feels like a sin to question 'am I happy' as it sounds like I'm not grateful for what I have. But I have to admit, currently I'm neither happy nor sad so I guess I'm still okay :')

    1. Kan... There's an ungrateful feelings if questioning them but somehow, u can't stop questioning them.. :/

  2. honestly 2016 have been a rough year for me, i was stupid for wasting my tears over little things. now i learnt to always think of good things in the bad things that happened so i could feel happy and so i wont forget to count my blessings :)

  3. My answer would be Yes too :) walau kadang2 tak tahu happy or tak :) cuma kalau bersedih, sentiasa bersyukur dgn apa adanya dan insyallah tak sedih lagi :)

    Good post dear. I love it :)

  4. Thank you for saying this out loud.