Chapter 11: Soul mate

Saturday, December 24, 2016

She paused the screen.. The question was not directed to her but suddenly, it's been playing in her mind.. She kept questioning herself, " Do I..?"
"Do you believe in soul mate?"

Soul mate.. A fate that you meet someone whom almost perfectly reflected yourself.. Someone whom had a strong qualities and making you feel the unbreakable bond.. 
Well,come to think of it, she used to meet someone whom was able to make her feel that the person was her soul mate.. They met unexpectedly and as they were introducing themselves, everything goes weird.. 

"May I have your number?" 
"Sure, it's 017-abcde82"
"Wait, that is seriously your number?"
"Yeah, why..?"
Not replying, he dialed her number..
017-abcde28, appeared on the screen.. And that is the first coincidence.. 

"When is your birthday..?"
"May 21st.."
"Are you serious? Mine is also on May.."

They started to get excited, getting to know each other and slowly, the bond gets stronger.. They shared almost everything and he became the person that she trust the most.. They shared the burden and sticking together, till people thought they're a lover.. 

But.. As the time past by, without any reason, something were drifting them apart.. They still shared the same interest but, they no longer hang out together.. They stop contacting each other and she did try to get their chemistry back, but in the end, they became strangers again... 

Of the thought, tears started rolling down on her cheeks.. She used to believe in soul mate but now, she doubted her self.. Soul mate are two person reflecting each other, meant to be together forever, but all she had was a temporary.. 

Her belief was ruined but she wouldn't want to lose her faith on it.. 
"Maybe, soul mate does exist, but that person hasn't showing up yet.." said her heart.. 

written by;
-Flavnesz @ Chapters-


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    1. Still believing .. :D
      Thanks!! I really had a habit of changing the template but this one would last longer I guess.. :3

  2. you'll find the yours one day. don't give up! :D
    i really like your new layout!! <3

  3. is it a fiction story or your own experience ? either way, this is sad but hey he'll find you soon :)

    1. Hmm.. Actually, it's a real story of mine but, he's not my ex.. Someone that totally reflected me in lots of ways, and we often called ourselves as twins but yeah, I hope I would my soul mate soon.... :D

  4. Harap nanti dapat tahulah siapa soulmate sejati tu,hihihi. Cantik sgt theme & warna blog ni, sukaaaa!!!! nk bagi 5/5 bintang!

  5. Awww. I recently met a person who has perferences on many issues similar to me but I didn't think about this soulmate thing at all.

    Maybe the other one consider the relationship as only friendship? 😂 that sounds even sadder. Ouch

    1. Ikr.. Oh well, I'm not thinking of this but the tv series that I'm watching made me thinking of this.. xD

  6. i believe in soulmate, oh my, i have this story i do for fun, you just give me an inspiration for a sequel.