Chapter 4: Semester 4 of TESL

Sunday, December 4, 2016


The previous post reminds me of how tearful my life had been before the semester ended.. From the first day of being a teslian student, I had to admit, everyone was eager to enter semester four. Why? Because that is when we could be an actor/actress and at the same time, boost the popularity in college. Drama production seems a pleasure for the juniors but only the seniors knew that actually it was another subject that could be called as hell.. Yes..! We need to plan a theater of our own and construct it from bare, starting from the scripts, sponsorships, locations, marketing, crews, props and to make it work, we need to cope with more than 50 people under a production..
kuptm kl

As for me, I am under Manamana Production and we performed ''Cendol Weather''..  We had an unpleasant start and we hardly cope with each other having lots of inner problems starting from selecting the scripts up to the props and practice timing as the actors always showed up late and causing the practice to end at 10 the earliest.. Yeah.. We spent our nights practicing in the college.. During our big show, we are supposed to perform for two days to complete our tasks but to some critical reasons, we had to stop performing after the first performance.. It's hard for everyone to accept the reasons but nothing we could do, thinking for the sake of safety of everyone, especially the audience..

kuptm kl

While stressing on managing the performance from bare to the end, it's obvious that there are other subjects to be focused on.. Well, another core subject of this semester was Teaching Reading and Writing.. Well, you could already grab the gist of what you need to master on.. We need to learn on how to teach the primary kids reading and writing skills. Other than the normal, boring microteaching, one of our toughest task of this subject was to create the big book... We need to use our own creativity to construct a huge book in order to attract the kids to read.. We spend most of our time and holidays just to complete this book.. 

tesl kuptm kl

The third core subject for the semester was Teaching Listening and Speaking.. This was a more relaxing class, but! Oh well, here you go... The hardest challenge was we had to brainstorm ideas for teaching in a fun way.. Kids would define fun with games so here we are, planning and making our own games from scratch.. The challenge was when we need to relate the games into education and we could not copy what had been published on the market.. Another sweaty assignments which could broke a friendship as I would say, all of them challenges your patience to cope with your group mates.. 

This semester was the craziest that I had gone through as I cried literally a lot, and to be frank, I had to call my father for money every week because every assignments needs a huge amount of money.. I would say I had spent more than RM400 only to complete this three tasks while there are actually more assignments behind this three assignment.. So to my juniors, good luck and be prepare mentally and physically to face semester four..


  1. teaching in a fun way - Siqah rasa susah. Sebab nak tarik perhatian pelajar kan.. Dalam masa yang sama nak mengajar. Good luck razanah :) Nanti update kisah awak lagi ye :)

    Salam perkenalan jugak awak :)

  2. Memang susah.. But bila dah siap, jadi satu kepuasan sebab dapat jadi kreatif.. haha.. Thanks for the luck.. I do need it.. :3

  3. I take teaching class too and it is hard figuring out a teaching method that suits me

  4. @Nurul Rasya, kannn... teaching ain't easy tapi org selalu pandang rendah dgn kerjaya cikgu.. -.-

  5. Agree with you, teaching is hard . Even there is ups and downs keep on going dear. Good luck Anis =)

    1. It is.. I've never thought it would be this hard.. haha