Thursday, November 24, 2016

Chapter 3: TESL @ KUPTM / KPTM KL


Aite, my current mission for this blog is to complete all the tabs with the exact links.. Well, let's start with a brief of mumbling regarding my life as a teslian student.. I had to say, taking TESL is not as easy as people had been expected.. It requires hell lots of confidence and ability to communicate and to educate the students.. You need to be creative, and trust me, having a mind of the kids would be lots of help.. We need to develop our own ''childhood memories'' and imagine ourselves in the toddlers shoes...

Yeah.. It is never easy.. Scoring high marks ain't easy when you need to be creative in order to fit in the kids knowledge.. For those who is considering to further your studies in TESL, if you have a good English skills but you're lack of self confidence, don't you ever dare to enter this world.. Well unless if you're brave to enough to challenge yourself and take this as the platform for you to boost your self confidence, who knows?

If you have the confidence that you are good in English and you are confident with yourself, I am willing to tell you this; never be boastful with your English.. Why? Because once you're among the teslians, you would realize that there is always someone better in English compared to you.. Hey, it's the battle of the language afterall.. I bet you would meet someone whom speaks English not only fluently, but with the almost perfect british or other accents.. Goshhhh.. I am jealous of them to be honest.. And they're always the genius ones, the dean lists students as they're better in almost everything.. -.-'

Oh and one more thing, for those whom is thinking to take tesl to improve your English, forget the ideas. You're not taking it to improve your English.. You're taking it to teach kids!  So please, do prepare yourself with at least some basic knowledge because once you enter this world, you're on your world of educating English.. The lecturers are expecting you to have a good English, and they're not expecting a perfect English but at least, speak with the least grammatical or vocabulary error.. So be prepare and the most important thing, be creative to fit in this world.. :3


  1. Your English is good, Razanah :) Siqah tak confident to write in English sebab sucks in grammar. haha. Keep it up dear :)

  2. Thank you.. Well, I'm writing in English in order to improve my grammar.. :D

  3. Dear, your english much more better than me. Have you terjah my blog? hahaha. I guess my english worst but I still not giving up and still writing in english plus kadang2 ada je tulis in bahasa melayu. I guess if I continued writing in English, slowly I will improve it right?

    keep on writing in English dear =)

    1. Keep writing in English and slowly you would improve yourself without even you realizing it.. hehe..
      I will dear.. In fact, it's awkward for me to write in Malay now..:D

  4. Hi. My name is Ayuni. So actually I dah apply pun untuk tesl ni. Because I wish to be a teacher. And my spm results is not that good and I don't think IPTA nak ambil I. I know the basic english, like if I read anything in English I can almost understand all of it, but when it comes to talking, I just don't have the confidence like I'm scared my grammar would be tunggang langgang. And I just wanna know, what is it going to be when it comes to presentation. Susah or senang ke for those yang macam I. And just overall lah give me some advice. And fyi, my confidence level memang teruk ah nak kata.

    1. hi.. For advices, perhaps you could contact me directly through on of the socmeds of mine or maybe I should make a new entry for this..? Huu..


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