Chapter 59: Them..❤️

Monday, October 16, 2017


I do remember the moment I entered the school compound...
I was not so sure of myself..
What if the kids won't love me..?
What if, they don't want me at all?
I'm not one of those fun teacher..
As the matter of fact, I'm known to be good at scolding people..

And as far as I'm concerned...
I was there only to complete my final task...
To graduate...
To hold the scroll that is supposed to be on my hands  years back...

Never in my dream,
That I would be a teacher, for once..
But eventually,
I became one for my diploma..
With one intention..
To achieve my goals..
To become a lecturer..
Well, at least, that was the only future I could dream of..

That was the determination that I set up 3 months ago..
Now that everything was over,
I couldn't stop missing them...
How I wish I'm still with them..

I missed how they would scream and ran to "salam" me..
I was absent on of the last week, and the next morning, they ran to me and ask,
"Teacher Anisss!!! Kenapa teacher tak datang semalam..? Teacher sakit..?"
During the yellow house practice, the girls would come to me after each activities and hug me, with the excuse;
"Teacherrrr, saya penat..."

Oh.. I couldn't list out everything..
There were too many cuteness and silliness acts of them..
All of the memories were kept in my heart...
As if I know, soon, I might be forgotten..

But oh well..
Their love is way too big than I had ever imagine..
When the letter arrived early this afternoon..
I'm speechless..
I laughed reading the letter but my tears couldn't stop itself from coming down..

"Kasih sayang kami pada teacher tidak akan hilang.."
Ya Allah.. How could I stop this tears..

Dearest students..
I know you won't be able to read this now..
And I'm not sure if you might be able to read this in the future..
But if you do...
I just want you to know that there's no words that could describe my love for you guys..
I guess.. it's... just... infinity..
I won't stop loving you guys and remember our last conversation..?

"Teacher.. Boleh tak kami jumpa teacher sampai kami dah masuk sekolah menengah..? Sampai kami masuk Universiti..?"
"I'll always be here, with you guys... Kalau ada masa, panjang umur, teacher akan jumpa korang.."
And that's a promise, Loves.. ๐Ÿ’•

#icook Chapters: Healthy Pasta

Thursday, October 12, 2017


If you had read my Chapter 9, you might know that I used to be on Atkins diet for some period.. However, the problem that I had been facing while doing Atkins was that I could barely hold myself from being strict of avoiding the carbs.. I could resists the rice but I could not stop myself when it comes to kuey teow or pasta and as the matter of fact, there're times where I want to spent my money at the bakeries.. That's when I realized that Atkins is no longer ideal for me..

Luckily, I had another idol in this diet world as one of my sister used to be part of JK1M which was lead by Kevin Zahri, and not suprisingly, it was a huge success for her.. She managed to enjoy her diet and eat her favorite foods at the same time.. That was when I decided to ask for her guidance and thanks to Allah, I'm enjoying it so much..! 

If you're familiar with Kevin Zahri ideas of having a handful of carbs and balancing with other nutrients needed during lunch or dinner, that's how I tried my best to stick with his ideas and came out with the idea of campak-campak cooking and here I am, sharing my campak-campak recipe..๐Ÿ˜‚

Okay I guess it's enough of long introduction and let's jump straight to the recipe, shall we..?
Ingredients A: 
**Wish-Bone Italian dressing 
** McCormick Grill Mates Montreal Chicken seasoning 

Ingredients B:
Boiled Pasta 
Olive Oil
Pink Rock-salt 
**Cherry Tomatoes
**Shredded Button Mushroom

PS:// the ingredients marked ** indicates that it could be replaced with other seasonings /veggies that you want.. 

How to cook..? okay this is awkward.. How should I write the steps..? ๐Ÿ˜…

1. Mix up all of the Ingredients A in a bowl, just to season the chicken.. You could also season it with only salt and pepper a.k.a whatever you've in the kitchen.. 
2. Heat up your pan and pour in some olive oil..
3. Put in the chicken and grill it for awhile.. 
4. As the chicken is almost cooked fully, fill up the pan with broccoli and button mushroom.. 
5. Add in a bit of water to soften the broccoli, just to ensure that it's cooked fully..
6. Season it with some salt and add in the boiled pasta..
7. Lastly, add up the cherry tomato and leave it for 10 seconds before you turn off the stove.. (you could cook it longer if you prefer cooked tomatoes..)

The result of my campak-campak cooking..Feel free to give me the feedback if you had try this recipe.. hehe..  Well, I just couldn't have enough of this and loving it so much..! it's okay to praise your own cooking, right..?๐Ÿ’…

Chapter 58: Road to .....?

Sunday, October 1, 2017


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