Chapter 9: The Dress

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Assalammualaikum.. To those whom had read the information tag, you may know that I'm actually on a weight loss journey.. It was my own desire to be on this route and luckily, I'm surrounded with positive vibes and supportive friends.. However, I always lost the battle with my own lust over food and I always need a timeline for me to accomplish and slowly achieve my goals.. I'll be updating my progress as a reminder for myself and hence, stopping myself from giving up or lose from the track..

The first time I decided to focus on my diet, it was when I entered the hostel of KPTM KL.. However, my diet kept switching and it was hard for me to be strict with my diet, as I need to cook in order to be in a clean diet.. I started to be totally serious when I moved to a rent house and I managed to cook my own diet food.. However, I'm taking it slowly as there's nothing to rush me.. When one of my sister, Ateh, told me that she was getting married, that was when I'm in rush.. She decided that all of my girl siblings should wear a dress from their favourite shop, Imaan Boutique, which I had never own one due to my big size..

When the boutique came out with the sale, my sisters brought me to the shop to give a try on the biggest size available and the result was just like I expected... I couldn't zip in the dress..  It was only less than 3 months left from the date and without thinking further, they just grab the dress for me, despite the fact that I could not even wear it.. In order to make the money into a waste and for not be a weirdo during the big day, I'm determined to focus on Atkins diet.. Simply because it was the quickest way to lose weight for a busy and lazy person like me.. It might be a bit unhealthy but I had done a full survey of the diet and I'm alert with the consequences and how to avoid it from becoming a problem..

Alhamdulillah I'm not the weirdo on the day.. I'm the happiest person when I managed to fit in the dress and that's the end for the first timeline.. The 2nd timeline would end on the 1st March 2017, hoping I could fit into a new size of the same brand dress, for my another sister's wedding, Kakak... Oh well, Kakak promised for a new dress of my own choice if I managed to reduce one size and oh well, I guess Imaan Boutique dresses was one the reason of why I want and need to lose weight.. Simply because, my siblings love you and I'll love you too..     


  1. congrats ya, im happy for u. keep a good work :)

  2. We can be partners for this healthy lifestyle 😘😘 we can do it! Fighting! 😊

  3. I hope things will go well for you.