Chapter 71: Closing Chapter 2017

Sunday, December 31, 2017


Last chapter of the year..! It feels surreal, realizing that this year is coming to the end.. Finally, the first solid year of me being here after years of leaving this space... 2017 had been everything, of success and failure.. Of tears and laughter.. But I wouldn't deny it's a year filled with thousands of spices... Here are some bittersweet memories of 2017..!

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I thought my blogging spirit would leave in a minute, just like the previous year, but hey~ I'm still here.. ! It feels so good to be here, expressing my thoughts and emotions;  this space really soothes my soul.. I even made a huge decision by stepping out from my comfort zone by having a domain of my own.. Well, let's just hope that it's a sign that I would be here for quite some time.. And to be honest, I didn't expect to have anyone to read my rants but I'm honored to have you guys as my backbone..Thank you so much, everyone whom had been supporting me till now...!😭

I've finally ended my diploma with flying colors and to be honest, I'm still in disbelief that my war with my dad had ended.. After 4 and a half years, we finally made peace right after I received my diploma scroll.. Not only that, I was completely spoiled by my siblings; a special homemade cheesecake, 2 bouquet and "Solvil et Titus" watch..! It was the day where I kept telling myself, "you're completely blessed, Razanah Anis.."💕


The thought that she's no longer around, I would have to say, I missed her a lot.. It was never easy to lose someone whom puts the best faith in you, and I had been holding to the memories that I had created with her.. I even dreamt of her, twice, and for both dreams, I could see her face clearly, smiling to me... Even my mom was shocked to know that I had met tok in my dream.. She is and always be the most special person in my life..💘

New Koala Bear
Oh well, I might had lost one of my loved ones but I'm adding another one this year too.. This little sweetheart surely an alive koala as she really love to sleep on me.. Nur Aisyah Hannan, you gonna love me as I'm your fun mashu whom would be spoiling you with lots of cartoons but in the same, you'll be annoyed as I love to tease my little ones as well.. Get ready, kay..?

These kids were another blessings in my life.. Being a practicum teacher for 3 months was a roller-coaster of my life but they had been my everything ever since then... They made me laughed a lot, and stressed out a lot too but in the end of the day, I wouldn't trade my love for these kids with any other students.. I loved them so much till I kept telling myself, "These are my babies and they will always be, till the end.."

ps: There's actually another two classes that I taught but this is the most decent photos in my gallery and as u can see,they're over excited with camera.. So yeah.. 😓

Another best memories that I had this year.. I'll just hope that this wouldn't be the last memory that I had created with them.. Let's just hope for many more years of friendship, and Insya-Allah, till the end..

Dear 2017, you had been a blast year for me and although you brought me down for awhile with the death of my loved ones.. I would still say thank you for reminding me that there's no year without hardships and the pain had changed me into a better self... Well, not completely as I'm still struggling but I will try my best to stay strong.. Welcome 2018..! Feel free to step in but could you please shine up my life with more sparkles✨ and rainbow🌈, as 2017 had gave it best, I really hope you would too..!Well, not only for me but for everyone.. Shall you..? ❤

Cinephile: Jumanji - Welcome to The Jungle [2017]

Friday, December 29, 2017

jumanji review

Chapter 70: Beautiful #3

Monday, December 25, 2017


Chapter 69: Those Ignorance...

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

We're living in a sick world..
Where ignorance and evil conquers everything..
Where humanity barely breaths in ones' soul...
There's war everywhere..
In silence or in the public..

Where the murderer is being praised by some,
claiming that they're saving others life..
While others mourn for them to stop..
Hoping for their voices could be heard..
And yet, ignorance empower everything..

We're living in a sick society..
Where humanity is dying..

A man died,
And the world mourned for him...
Another man of different race died,
And some were laughing for his death..

"Why would you cry for his death..?"
"What was his contribution to us..?"
"He's not even a muslim, why would you condolence the deceased..?"

"We cried because there's humanity inside us.."
"We cried just because we know how hurtful it is to lose someone that we love.."
"If you're a true muslim, you'll know that he's still created by our greatest creator, Allah S.W.T.."

If only those ignorance could be empowered by humanity..
What a great world we're breathing in would be..
Let's just hope..
That one day...
This ignorance would crumpled away..

8.24 p.m: 19/12/2017

Chapter 68: Depression Leads to Suicide..!


jonghyun death

Chapter 67: One Love #2

Sunday, December 17, 2017


Chapter 66: Unspilled Words

Thursday, December 14, 2017


There are certain moments...
where words are meant to be spilled...
And that's when..
Love is getting nourished...

There are times...
Where words are meant to be kept..
Love are meant to become the secret of heart..
And that's when...
The fear conquers it all..

The affliction of getting rejected..
The distress of losing someone we adore..
And the discomfort of continuing the relationship that we had..

That's how..
These unspilled words..
Conquers everything..
With the hope that nothing changes..

But deep inside...
It's crying...
Dying to be spilled out..
Hoping for something amazing...

The questions is...
Will these unspilled words...
 Remain in silence..?

1.22 a.m : 14/12/2017

Chapter 65: True Colors #1

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

30 days song challenge

Chapter 64: Random Rants ft. The 30 Songs Challenge..

Friday, December 8, 2017


Time surely moves faster lately.. It's been almost a week since the last time I updated this space and to be honest, I've been meaning to update but somehow, I've been focusing in improving the SEO of this site more since the percentage is lower than I expected.. This is the reason why I had been changing my template back and forth, hoping for an improvement.. 

Anyways, since I'm on a long break and barely gets to go out, my life had been stuck in this little castle guided my queen and king.. With limited view and surroundings, and although I had much of flashback memories to be shared, there are times where I don't even want to rant on the flashbacks... Well, I didn't have any post drafted as all of my entries were basically written and posted at the same day, depending on my mood and how I wanted it to be.. 
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