Chapter 65: True Colors #1

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

30 days song challenge

To be honest, this challenge ain't an easy task for me.. I had been trying to figure out the songs with colors in the title and somehow, there's no song with colors crossed into my empty mind.. As I was browsing the youtube and Google as much songs that I could, I suddenly remember that there's a song involving colors that I love..! 

If you had watch "Trolls" or perhaps a fan of Justin Timberlake, you might already know this sweet-soothing melody.. Being an introvert, there were times where I'm in low self-esteem and most of the time, feeling unmotivated.. But this song... It's magical... It soothes and heals my instinct and definitely, it's waking up the inner me each time I'm singing along.. This song is perfect to feed your soul, and maybe, just believe in yourself..!❤

"It's okay to have flaws and show your imperfections but loving yourself makes you special just the way you are.."


  1. i am in love with this song too from the moment i heard it in trolls movie :D
    my reason is exactly like yours :3

  2. Thats my fav song~ I listen to it in every sad moment... T_T

  3. My first time listening to this version. I usually listen to the original version of this song. So, it's quite pleasant.

    1. I know this is only a cover but couldn't recall the original ones.. But after researching, I still prefer this version, since I'm a fan of JT.. haha