Chapter 69: Those Ignorance...

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

We're living in a sick world..
Where ignorance and evil conquers everything..
Where humanity barely breaths in ones' soul...
There's war everywhere..
In silence or in the public..

Where the murderer is being praised by some,
claiming that they're saving others life..
While others mourn for them to stop..
Hoping for their voices could be heard..
And yet, ignorance empower everything..

We're living in a sick society..
Where humanity is dying..

A man died,
And the world mourned for him...
Another man of different race died,
And some were laughing for his death..

"Why would you cry for his death..?"
"What was his contribution to us..?"
"He's not even a muslim, why would you condolence the deceased..?"

"We cried because there's humanity inside us.."
"We cried just because we know how hurtful it is to lose someone that we love.."
"If you're a true muslim, you'll know that he's still created by our greatest creator, Allah S.W.T.."

If only those ignorance could be empowered by humanity..
What a great world we're breathing in would be..
Let's just hope..
That one day...
This ignorance would crumpled away..

8.24 p.m: 19/12/2017


  1. Hashtag deep hahah ^^ you're a good writer.Keep it up!! :D

  2. Deep gila.. Tapi memang betul pun.. Sifat kemanusiaan semakin hilang.. Semoga kita masih lagi berperikemanusiaan..

    1. tu dah tapis habis dah tu kak.. hehe.. Yup, kadang2 sakit hati tengok fb, komen2 orang yg cakap benda buruk of an incident.. Macam diorg bagus sgt..

  3. Manusia semakin kejam. Takde dah keperimanusiaan dalam hati. Membunuh manusia ibarat memijak semut saja. Semoga kita diselamatkan dari segala keburukan. Amin.

    1. Betul tu kak ana...Manusia makin zalim.. Amin..

  4. Bumi dah mula tua dan sisa manusia yang tinggal di dunia pun makin tak terkawal sifat dan akal mereka. Nauzubillahminzalik.

  5. This is a sad truth. So many ignorance nowadays that we couldn't find humanity anywhere. Anyway, very nice words, you're a talented writer.

    1. Ikr.. hahaha.. I just used the language at my best to express my feelings.. Anyways, Thank you, Lya..! :3