Chapter 83: Rambling Minds

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Being someone in ones life is a pleasure.. To be called as friends, the acceptance in a group is something I belief, everyone's hoping for..But one thing that I hate about life,is that people could change in a blink of the eyes... I was once yelling to be back to the place where so called "home", a place where I felt I'm belong into... But right now.. Those excited feelings ain't there anymore... Everything... Just.. Felt.. So.. Wrong... 

It's getting awkward, day by day.. Those eyes.. Ain't pleasurable for me anymore.. All I could feel was a pretense, just like I had been doing some sort of mistakes and those unwanted feelings just getting stronger... I tried to comfort myself as if it was just my random feelings but how could this  unwanted feelings increase it's power every single day..? In the end, I'm just left out in depression of my own.. 
"Should I confront about this..?""
 Should I just discuss about this matter..?"
"What if it would made things worst..? I'm gonna need to meet them for at least, till the end of next year.."
In the end, this feelings remains in silence and the only solution that I could see, is to me to move out and find a little heaven, just for myself... It might be a little lonely, without them but at least, I'm not losing any of them directly.. Right..? And at least, we're good till the end, just what they had promised to me.. Let's just hope it would.. Guys... If any of you are reading this, I just want to let you guys know that I just love you guys so much that I don't want argue or be awkward with any of you...  Let's just stay friends till the end..😊

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