Chapter 63: Finally...

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


credit: Nhienan
It's been 5 years for me and I am still not able to move on from the past.. But looking forward to the future while reminiscing the memories, they gave me strength to face the challenges..  And again, always have faith in Allah... 😉 - Chapters, Chapter 20: Move On
She was in love for the first time.. He was the very first person whom appeared in her life, the first person whom manage to make her feeling secured.. The first guy whom had been telling her, "You're beautiful" despite of her size.. The ones whom willing to travel back and forth from Shah Alam to Seremban every weekend, only to be with her and help her in Additional Mathematics.. Listening to her cries  every time she had an argument with her dad and every single moment her schoolmates ignored her in school.. He instantly became the most important in her life, spoiling her by providing laughter and be with her in every matter.. Her silence became his biggest concern and slowly, he changed everything in her life..

It was the last meaningful birthday that she had..
"Simpan rantai ni elok-elok tau... Nanti abg dah pergi oversea, ni jadi pengikat kita..Janji tau.."
"Insya-Allah, selagi rantai ni ada, ada la.. Tapi andai kata satu hari nanti, rantai ni hilang, anggap la ikatan kita terlerai.."
And it was a vow made by the two of them.. Ironically, few months after the relationship ended, the necklace went missing... She tried to find them, looking into every space that she could, but failed.. After a year and a half, she gathered her courage to seek for it again, and finally, she found the necklace.. It was in one of the box that she had been looking through repeatedly, and it's always been there, but nobody knows why she couldn't find it at the first place.. 

She tried to open her heart for anyone whom approached her.. But somehow.. She had been comparing the the person with him.. Without her realization, she had been holding into him, seeking for him in another person's soul..

She was missing him that night and looking for someone to ease her feelings... 
"Why can't that person did something just like him..?"
"You can't find another person to be like him..! There will be better.. And you're just missing on those good memories.. And feelings.. You don't miss him.. You missed what he did for you.. Take it slow and have some fun.. Go find a date.."
"But, it's so hard..! I did try but the feelings ain't there.."
"It's hard because you can't find him in others.. You need to stop finding him and start to accept how your partner is.. Honestly, if you expect a person to have traits like him and to treat you like he did, well, they can't..! They miserably can't and you won't feel satisfied.. But if you try and see what's worth in a person and love him as how you've always loved someone, I'm sure he will treasures you more and treat you better... Although man like that is hard to find in a nick of time, but good things take times.. It's never easy to forget someone we've given everything to.. But one day, someone else is gonna come and that someone else is gonna make you think;Why the hell did I ever suffered myself with my past when this person now means everything to me..?And you'll just laugh for your silliness.. It won't come now and maybe not tomorrow... But soon it will.. So take it slow.. "
Thanks to the advisor, she has never feeling better than now.. Every single sentences from the advisor feels like a slap, and apparently, she is finally moving on..

Dearest awak...
For every memories that we had, I'm thankful for it.. Thank you for pulling me out of the sadness but I do believe that someone better awaits me.. I'm sorry for holding on to you for too long, till I became ignorance towards others.. It's just the matter of time and finally... I'm able and I will let you go... Goodbye awak...😊


  1. setiap apa yang berlaku perlukan masa...InsyaAllah...sabar yer

    1. Insya-Allah and Alhamdulillah, I'm feeling much more better sis.. :D

  2. Sob sob, napaa bikin sedih?? huhuhu

  3. Move on is the best solution for her. Trust me one fine day she will meet the best man ever. Allah plan is the best plan. Ive gone thru the same situation and now alhamdulillah im happy and even grateful for having him in my life. Cewahhhh.

    Pls excuse my bad eng teacher anis. :)

    1. Alhamdulillah I'm moving on kak.. hehehehe.. It's not bad at all la kak.. Your english is good.. XD

  4. Everything happens for a reason right? Hopefully you are okay now. Smile 😊

  5. I don't related to this but hahaha just dropping by to say hye! Your blog is cool.Hana follow here! :)

  6. Sepatutnya dia tak perlu kata "kalau rantai tu ada, adalah". Love bukan bergantung pada rantai. Hihihi, jahat saya kan? Itu sebab lom dapat bini.

    Thnks. Your entries semua menarik.

    1. Hahahaaha, to be logical, mmg tak perlu.. tapi biasa la.. belum matang.. childish attitude lagi. hahahaha

      thank you Adam

  7. Huhu bertabahlah.Jangan kenang perkara lalu.Masa lalu adalah zaman kelemahan.Sekarang masa baiki kelemahan untuk masa depan.

    Aku belum apdet blog,malas pulak rasa.

    1. Ada masa perlu kenang weh untuk amik pengajaran.. hahahaha.. Sila la update..

  8. ya sy akui... org pompuan bkn mudah nk hadapi semua ini tp sy percaya, ia mematangkn kita. ia buat kite jd lbh kuat. ia buat kite lbh mengerti, hidup ia bkn ats sandaran manusia semata

  9. Alhamdulillah.. I hope not..
    Take care too awak.. :)