Thursday, May 10, 2018

Chapter 85: New Gov....?


I'm planning to update some poetry or other stuff but hey, my first voting experience should be potrayed here, just a reminder for myself how it was voting for the first time.. Oh wait, I'm not that eager actually.. I was too lazy to get out today and the first thing that crossed out my mind was, "Can't I just stay at home..?"

Yeah.. I'm not in spirit of voting although I'm the first timer, just because I don't want to queue up under the hot weather. But then, it was my obligation as the Malaysian citizen to vote so yeah, I did get off my bed and followed my sisters to the school for voting.
from left: me, ateh and kak chik :p

We went there before lunch hour and luckily, all of us settled within an hour. To best part..? Mine settled in less than 10 minutes, simply because there's no one on the line and I was the only person that went to "saluran 8" at that particular moment while some other saluran was filled with people queuing up.. Ateh even complained saying " Patut kau first timer, rasa feel mengundi.. Ni mengundi sensorang.."😂

But as long as I did my part, who cares if I don't get the feeling I'm supposed to..? haha.. 

To be honest, I'm not a bias of any party.. Right from the start, I was completely neutral but if I you're asking me about my state, Negeri Sembilan, I would definitely vote for BN, just because Dato' Seri Mohammad was the best that we ever had..  I even told my sisters that if he's competing to be the PM, he would definitely be in my list and I won't even look on others.. I love how humble he was and how he could joke around with people.. He blended in just well.. 

But I'm not really sure on others.. I mean.. I don't really look up on others simply because I don't know or never been able to meet them in person but I do have a favor of a bit wanting to change, just to see what would it be if BN doesn't rule for once.. Would it truly be a better country..? Or would it be the worst..? Will they truly grant those countless words that they had been spreading around..? Won't there be any hidden agenda..? What would happen on the next 5 years..? And the most important thing, just what would happen in the future..? 

And seems like, we're changing this time, although it's not official yet.. Well at least, Negeri Sembilan is changing.. I'm not truly delighted that my state is not under my favorable MB anymore but oh well, I should give the new ones a chance.. Who knows it would be better..? All I could do is to pray that the decision was the best let's just hope for improvement, day by day.. 😉

Ps// dear tok mad, thank you for proving to us that you could lead us a better life.. You're the best, tok.. 🙏


  1. First time mengundi ke? Sama lah kita 🤗🤗🤗
    Erni Hasmiza

    1. Ha'ah.. Huhu... Dah cukup umo kena la mengundi...

  2. I've read so many tweets and posts on how people of Negeri Sembilan feel sad of letting go Tok Mat. I know nothing about politics especially about other states (I'm a Selangorian through and through) but he must be a great leader based on countless tweets and posts that I read so far.

    1. Before he took over, n9 was under dato seri isa samad and i'm pretty sure people know how corrupted he was and when Tok Mat took over, everything changed.. He involved and blended in with everyone, he could joke with people casually and he's respected by everyone with his leadership.. He's amazing as a leader and he proved to us that not every politician as corrupt as everyone had been implying.. Huu

  3. Lain dengan negeri Mai, we got our beloved Dato' Seri Mukhriz back! Alhamdulillah!

    1. Huu.. Untung la Mai.. I do hope tok mat is back but maybe this would be better.. Tunggu and lihat je la apa akan jadi kat n9.. XD

  4. Tahniah Anis dah jalankan tanggungjawab sebagai rakyat Malaysia.semoga MB baru ni dpt jalankan amanah yang diberi.


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