Chapter 90: Jealousy [#7SeriesofWriting]

Monday, August 27, 2018

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credits: huaban
She was looking at a girl...
Not so skinny, but enough to be every girl's goal...
With crystal clear skin, with round eyes and plump lips...
"How can I deny her beauty..?"

She reflected her own body...
It's not even close to any body goals..
It's a huge potato with a face of the moon's surface..
Not even close to any crystal...
"And all you could do is to dream, self...!"

"Sometimes, the world is so unfair, don't you think..?"

A skinny girl..
Ate so much but remains skinny...
She went to the shop and could get almost everything for herself..
Social media..? 
"You're hot, will you be my girl?" - guys

A big size girl..
Struggled on a diet but nothing much changed..
She went to the shop and could barely fits into anything...
Social media..?
"I'm sorry, I had things to do.. Contact you later..? *and soon banished from sight*" - guys

"How I wish there's only one size in this world..!"
"You really think it's the solution to this..?"
"What..? Look at me..! And look at her..! Why can't I be like her..?!"
"Take a deep breath and free out your thoughts.."

She breaths in deeply..
"Done...? Now, look at her back.."
"You guys might be different in the eyes but please pull up your mind straight and look at her with your heart..!"
She looked at the beautiful girl again and noticed a change..
The girl was smiling at her and reached out her hands..
"Where have you been? I was waiting for you, friend.."
 written by;
-Flavnesz @ Chapters_ 2.17 a.m.-