Chapter 89: Lonely [#7SeriesofWriting]

Monday, August 6, 2018

credits: Nhienan
"We will be together, till the end of this journey.."
It was a promise that was meant to be broken...
It was believable, 
at least for that particular moment..
But nobody could predict the future..
Who knew we would end up like this..?

"Pull out yourself and hang onto this..!"
Well, she tried...
Oh, she thought she could...
But how could her...
When nobody puts out a hand..?

"How could we help when you don't even ask..?"
How could she signal them when she could barely breath on her own..?
It was the thoughts...
It was a battle of inner strength..
The unbearable screams..
Yelling for her to release everything...
Just how could her...?

So, slowly...
She dropped out herself.. 
She was defeated on her own...
She might be crying inside.. 
But it was her choice..

To be alone...
To be on her own...
She's just too tired of holding on...
But deep inside..
She's all lonely...

6/8/2018:10.35 p.m.


  1. Sedap baca ayat-ayat anis ni walau berkisar tentang keseorangan. Semoga dia yang kesepian tu dpt terus bertahan dan berjaya keluar dari dunia tersebut.

  2. saya suka cara awak menulis. saya follow sini ye sbab tak sabar nk tunggu entri seterusnya. saya followers ke 819

  3. semoga mudah semuanya anis :) syaza follow~

  4. love the way how you wrote it, it's brilliant!

  5. It soo deep!! kak Anis! :') I understand how cruel and not fair life is... T^T Well,sometimes I'm afraid of living...

    1. Well, life needs to go on, Hana.. It's either you're on this alone, or with everyone.. tu je..