Chapter 53: Would You..?

Friday, August 11, 2017

source: Nhienan


They say, go with the one whom loves you..
The ones that you know, will never disappoint you..
The ones whom would try it's best to make you happy and cherish every moment together..
The ones whom could understand you, accepting you in your best and worst..

But then,
What if that the ones fails in certain thing..?
What if the ones didn't up to your expectation..?
What if the ones keeps complaining on you and expects you to change..?
While the ones, didn't make an effort, for a better living..
What if the ones keeps expecting that they're going through the flowery road instead of going through the rocky roads..?

You're not expecting for a perfect life..
It's enough by having someone by your side,
willing to love you wholeheartedly..
Trying it's best to improve a life..
Trying it's best to build their own fairy tale..
But when someone ain't willing to sacrifice anything..
And expecting you to just accept everything..
Asking you to forget your own fairy tale..
Would you.. really.. will.. accept.. it..?

It's the questions, that's been lingering in this messy minds..
Hoping to find the answer, but failed...
Now, here's a quick question for you...
Would you..?

written by;
-Flavnesz @ Chapters-


  1. The Chainsmokers & Coldplay - something just like this --> this is a very lovely song to not expecting much but something just like this :)

    For me, a relationship is when 2 people are willing to take risks together to face new challenges (that maybe simple to one person but not the other).. and one of them need to sacrifice. It does not mean, that someone need to sacrifice the whole time... I think to find the meeting point of both ideas and plans is important. Give and take so that both goals can be achieved :)

    I am sorry, I am not able to share from my own experience (seems like I don't have much though haha) but this is how I personally think about this.

    1. I completely could understand your point Hanis and that's what I've been thinking about too which completely why I'm whining of why would you accept the ones if he/she won't even tolerate with us..? :D

      And Afifah, someone whom loves you doesn't mean that he/she could tolerate with us.. It's all about the gives and take after all and then, a good life could be achieved.. :D

  2. Semoga beroleh jodoh dan rezeki yg baik Anis. InsyaAllah sama2 berusaha untuk memperbaiki kelemahan diri.

  3. "The most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting that you are special too".

    I didnt say that but Ernest Hemingway in his book Men Without Women or di bukunya bertajuk The Old Man and The Sea. I lupa which one.

    1. It's a lovely quote, Adam and I'm hoping for not to be in that painful situation.. :)

  4. Love alone cannot put food on the table . . .

  5. My answer would be NO.

    Pengorbanan perlu dilakukan oleh dua pihak. Kalau satu pihak asyik berkorban je dan satu pihak lagi berkeras tak nak berubah, tak boleh lah camtu. Kena sama-sama berbincang dan capai kata sepakat. Give and take itu penting dalam tiap hubungan :)

    Semoga Anis diberikan jodoh yang baik. InsyAllah <3

    1. Yes, that's my point..!

      Amin... Thanks for the pray, Siqah.. :D

  6. Yes . Same with me . My answer also would be no .

    In a relationship , kita bukan nak senang je sama2, masa susah yg lagi penting kena sama-sama harungi obstacles tue.

    Insyaallah , Hanis akan bertemu jodoh yg terbaik . Amin . <3