Chapter 103: Isn't He Kind...?

Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Oh God.. I miss writing and ranting here... The writing spirit is always with me in here but somehow, it's been almost 2 months for the since I accidentally spilled water on the keyboard and to type using external keyboard is just unsatisfying but I had to bear with this huge keyboard just for the sake of assignments..

Thankfully, I don't really missed out much as I had to write some self poems and short stories for one of the assignment; which is a bit burdensome but I have to say, I enjoyed it by bits.. hehe.. So... "How's life...?" 

People might ask...

Well... Surprisingly, it's getting better.,.. I thought 2019 would be the worst for me, but Allah S.W.T is just to kind to pull me out from the misery... It's not really going as how I wished; I lost some and I gained some, might have to deal with hypocrisy as well and regained with one that I had lost before but here's a fact; I'm never alone..I'm blessed to have some friends whom would just keep me in positivity.. 
"Allah tu baik, kan...?"
It was a statement, rather than a question from a friend, to me.. My heart ponders when she asked me that because let's face it, it's just something that most of us might even forgets and in fact, we may not even realized about it.. Just one thing to be grateful off, to know someone whom would remind me on how blissful the life should be and never question or compare your life with others because in the end of the day, Allah S.W.T would always grant you with the unexpected joy of life.. 
So, isn't He kind...? Because to me, He is... 
credit: tumblr
p/s: It might already too late but since we're still in the eid mode, Selamat Hari Raya everyone... 💕


  1. This is a really lovely post! I agree with you, sometimes we're stuck halfway during difficult times that we forget Allah always watches over us. And we're never truly alone. Thank you for posting this! :)

  2. i didn't realize you have change your layout. loving this. i miss writing poems. maybe i should just stop blogwalking now and write some poems.

    1. been changing it back and forth.. haha,, have fun writing the poems.. XD

  3. bila allah uji tu tandanya dia sayang kat kita. dia takkan bagi ujian yang hambaNya tak mampu nak harungi. oh btw selamat hari raya !

  4. Hey, I miss your writing a lot! And Selamat Hari Raya too!