Chapter 100: No, I'm Not Pregnant...!

Sunday, March 3, 2019


Have you ever stressed out thinking about your menstruation cycle...? Okay that sounds awkward but yeah, I can't think of any specific or proper words for this thing so let's just be straight forward.. My hormone might be in mess since I missed my period for 3 months and I was in panic, waiting for it to appear.. 

The first month of absent..? I could still chill around since it was normal for me to skip a month.
The second month, I was slightly worry but still able to remain calm....
But, on the third month, my mind was in total mess..!

"Am I pregnant..? But, I can't be... It's impossible...! Okay calm down... It should be fine.. Okay, open google now...!"

Google: Reasons of Late Period for Unmarried Adult

Possible reasons: Stress, Gained Weight

"Okay, I should not stressed out... I did gained weight, so it's a sign I should back to track..."
Nope, it didn't ease me and guess what..? I was too afraid that I ended up eating lots of pineapple, hoping for the bleed (yes I am that naive girl)... 

I was so worried that I decided to go for a check-up and I had to inform my friends and my sisters, just in case I'm late for the class and they started to act;

My friends: No, you can't be pregnant before me...!
Ateh: 3 bulan...? Jangan cakap.. 

And I immediately cut her..

Still in naive mode, during the check-up, the doctor asked me to do the pregnancy test and with a panic face, I kept telling her that I'm not even married yet. She burst into laughter; calming me by saying it was part of the procedure.. I could only compose myself again when the result was out and it appeared as "Negative". 

Out of the joy, I immediately snapped the picture with a caption: Sorry guys, no anak buah yet...😂

Anyways, the doctor just gave me some hormone pills and Alhamdulillah, the long waits ended...! Well, just writing this as a reminder for myself for not being panic or at least being naive if the similar things ever happen again.. 


  1. So, was it imbalance hormone? Anyway, it's good that you at least go see a doctor. I knew some of ladies who refused to go see a doctor though they haven't had their periods for more than 3 months.

    1. I'm not really sure since the doctor seemed to be in confusion as well and since KK Ampang was kinda uncomplete.. I'm suppose to do some blood test since the Dr can't really figure it out but somehow it was scheduled to be done on April since their lab was broken and the medicine was given to be consumed only for 5 days.. Thankfully, the problem was solved within two weeks.. However, since I'm quite a big size woman, she just asked me to be seriously on diet since that actually could helps..

  2. Hahahahha. It's really common actually. Some hormont should work but gosh, you still need to do a pregnancy test? I don't know that. That's like a huge thinggg.

  3. I had my cycle late due to stress and quite a bad exhaustion last month. there can be many reason for it. take care dear. ohhh and it's my birthday today. Okay i dunno why im telling this but yeah just simply wanna enjoy my favourite day of the year, hehe

  4. Back when I was at the highest peak of stressing over exam, my period didn't come for 2 months lol. Glad that you're okay tho

  5. I understand why you went on full panic mode. Being late for just 3 days from my supposed period can set me thinking the impossible WHAT IF questions. hahah Take care!!!

  6. kak ana dulu pun camtu. kadang 3 bulan sekali. and the main reason was due to my weight which dramatically increase. huhu. then kak ana start diet and alhamdulillah back to normal cycle dia and rezeki dapat Syafi. hehe

  7. Somehow I laughed reading this, that you panicked at the thought of being pregnant. Anyway thanks for this information you're giving us so we'll not panic the way you did if we had problems in our menstrual cycle, tehee,

  8. I've been in the same issues, been asking the doctor what happen to my body, he said maybe due to stress, rapid increase of body fat or hormone changing, he did give me a choice to take the hormone pills, but I politely reject it as im gonna use the hard way, which by exercise. Hahaha.

    And yeah, still chubby as ever today due to my eating habit. haha

    The Hundred Pages | Eyqa Zq

  9. I hvn't got my priod till now.

  10. I experienced the same thing as you (and freaked out too!) Same reason, due to weight gain! Hence the reason why I re-start doing exercise and it works :D

  11. I used to have problem with my cycle while doing my part time job, perhaps because I was too stressed XD because once I sent my resign letter, it became normal again haha.

    anyway im back :D

  12. sometimes its normal kan to get our period a bit late. hehe.. idk..
    tapi yes betul ada so many factors why such thing happen.


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