Featured Chapters: Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Applied English Language Studies- Semester 3 course Review

Monday, September 10, 2018


I had been postponing this post for too long..!Wrote half of it before entering semester 4 and apparently, my semester 4 had ended for a week and semester 5 is coming up real soon so I should immediately post this one up.. haha.. To be honest, I couldn't think of any shorter name for the title, simply because I think it would be much proper for the search engine and hopefully, it would at least be a help for my future junior especially for the ex-Diploma in TESL of KUPTM KL whom might be considering if they should take this course or not, simply because it's quite uncommon to everyone.. 

 "Isn't it safer for me to just be in TESL line?"
You guys are lucky as there will be Bachelor in TESL in KUPTM soon and as far that I know, the first batch would be this year.. I'm not sure if it's true or not but maybe you could check this personally on the website..? 

"What could I be in the future if I'm taking this?"
Well, this subject would be the route for you to become anything.. You could work on the corporate line, the media, translator; basically involving companies or you could still become a teacher if you want to but obviously, not a government ones.. According to the dean, she encouraged her students to take this course instead of TESL simply because, there's no restriction on your future and it's much more flexible in what you could be.. Plus, most our seniors do get a job immediately right after the internship, so yeah, no worries on what you would be.. Allah SWT would definitely lead you to the best, just put your best faith in "Him".

Okay so basically, I managed to skip the first two semester due to full credit transfer and I guess I should remind you that KUPTM normally changes it's course planner quite often, so there's a possibility that you would take other subject first instead of what I listed on here, but still, you will have these subjects in your future list.. I could only help you by giving a brief of what the subjects that I had taken were all about and hopefully, you would get the essential idea of how your life would be.. hehe..

If you're not into politics, this subject might be a boring ones for you but no worries, the lecturer for this subject is such a prince charming since he tolerated with us a lot and I'm sure he will remain the same with others. Anyways, all you would be learning are the various theory of politics itself, the divisions, the wars; World War I & II, and the crisis of Middle East countries. As for the assignment, the only major ones is for your to work in a group and each of the group member needs to select a country of same continent and do some political research of the country. The rest..? It's quiz and final paper..

This is one of the subject that none should fail.. It's the easiest thing ever since all you need to do is to listen and speak.. Well, perhaps some writing but listening is the key.. 100% coursework depending on both of your skills..

This is one of the hard core subject but let me declare a thing.. I love this class the most, simply because of the lecturer was so kind and good in teaching.. You might struggle a bit in understanding the subject but if you're my juniors in tesl, I would say this is something similar to sociolinguistics but it's a lighter version of it.. Well, the final exam for her paper wasn't easy but at least, I scored the best for the coursework and yup, in the end, I don't care about the final much.. hehe..


This one, is a killer subject of all, so far but I have to say, there were times I felt that I'm having fun studying the histories of English.. There's a final paper for this subject and the coursework wasn't my favoritism.. Furthermore, it was taught by the dean at my time, and it was hectic to manage with her schedule... There were times where we had replacement class on Saturday but the bonus thing, she provides us free breakfast of cereals and milk.. 💕

I personally don't favor this subject.. Well, don't get me wrong.. I love history but this one, most of it was something that we already know and lecturer was kinda dull to me.. Trust me, I only read all of the notes for the final paper by myself as I couldn't catch him in class.. He got distracted easily, often of topics and he loved talking about early marriage.. But, I had fun with the coursework, especially when we're assigned to be in a group, to shoot a video and present about the unique traditions or culture.. Mine was the best since we made some research regarding "kuda kepang" which was something new for us..,However, it's quite frightening to remember the masks or the dance since, you know, they're mystical in a way..  😅

Well, to be honest, the start of my degree wasn't really bad but for now, I'm kinda nervous waiting for my semester 4 result.. I would only update the review of semester 4 once my result is out which most probably, by next week.. It's so fast, I know... I didn't even noticed my holiday is coming to an end.. huu... Anyways, wish me luck please...! 🙈


  1. wow, rindunya zaman study dedulu kala baca semua ni ^^

  2. Replies
    1. Reflecting on my diploma days, can't deny that.. hehe

  3. Good luck Anis for the result. Semoga mendapat keputusan yang terbaik. Amin.

  4. Nak tanya u still apply loan mara ke utk degree ni? and kalau english so-so je okay tak masuk ni ? ke nak english powerr giler bru boleh msuk? Sy dpt tawaran ni tapi tak pegi sebab risau gila dengan kemahiran english saya.

    1. Yes I still received my MARA loan for degree and regarding your english, it doesn't have to be "power gila" but as long as you have the basic, understands it and you could deliver something, then it's fine.. It's all depends on your confidence level..

  5. About the MARA loan did u get full loan? What is the requirement to get full loan? is it based on stpm/dip final result? or based on gaji bulanan parents?

    1. Still a full loan and as for mine, since I'm taking the bachelor, it's depending on my diploma results and if you're from stpm, based on your stpm then.. Gaji bulanan is the barrier to determine if you're getting full, semi or none.. :D