Chapter 94: Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang #10

Friday, September 28, 2018


#10: song that makes you sad

Out of all sad songs that I think related to my life so far, almost all of them could make me choked temporarily whenever listening to them but somehow, none let me into tears anymore... It's like I'm half-immortal from them and I do feel the sadness, the memories do triggered me but it ended there..

However, there's one song that never failed to get through me and made me into tears.. And somehow, once it gets into my ears, the lyrics would get through the inner me and I would repeat the same song, again and again till I'm satisfied of crying... 

"Aku hanya... Inginkan engkau.. Setia..."

I know there's lot's of songs that could be related with devotion but somehow, Imran just delivered the emotions better...Actually it's been quite some time that I forgot about this song, had been listening to "Menanti Janji" by Ronnie all the way to release my inner scream but again, I don't cry listening to it but "Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang" is just another different level of song.. *brings myself away*


  1. Tak pernah dengar lagu ni sebelum ni T^T

    1. Eh really...? Lagu ni ost one of the malay dramas of tv3.. hehe

  2. Agree, sometimes there's a song make me into tears..
    Memang kena dengan cerita tentang diri sendiri..

    1. Kan sis kan.. there must be one song that touch us deeply..