Chapter 76: Angel in The Night #6

Thursday, January 18, 2018


#6: Song that makes you want to dance
Well, I'm not gonna deny that there're lots of other songs that could build up my dancing desire.. Crazy frog, Pitbull's collection, and even Despacito could filled up the sugar in me but all they provide are catchy musics with no storyline.. And even most of it were just filled up with random words just to fill up the song with something.. But the song below, is just something else...
ps: you might want to fast-forward it a bit as the song starts at 0:37

You are my light in the dark
You are the beating in my heart
But that is not enough
Will I ever be by your side

Your hair is dancing in the wind
Your eyes are burning off my skin
And I'm so happy when I see
That you are smiling back at me

You're leaving burn marks on the ground
Thank you God for what I've found
I don't know how, I don't know why
That you're my angel in the night

I'm not sure if you've heard of any of Basshunter's music but if you did. you'll discover stories behind those catchy musics.. "Angel in the night" is the first song of Basshunter that manage to caught my heart.. There's disco-techno vibe in his music that manage to hype me up by listening to his songs and at least, his songs provides good lyrics.. That's all matters to me.. 😍


  1. Kalau Hana pulak automatically dancing when Hi-5 songs played.hahaha dancing desire triggered ^^

    1. Hi 5 paling legend tapi tak ingt sangat lagu diorg.. hahahaha

  2. Tak pernah dengar lagu ni tapi lirik dia best kak ana baca. Ayat tangkap cair orang kata. =)

  3. kalau zizie, lagu nursery rhyme la sebab layankan anak-anak saudara.. hehehe

    1. Kita dulu paksa anak buah layan Barney.. hahahahaha

  4. Can dance the calories away with this fast music.