Chapter 46: Let her Be..

Monday, May 29, 2017


source: kawako198 deviantart
She hated herself for those feelings.
It's only been weeks since they met..
As the matter of fact,
They would no longer see each other..
But how could she had those feelings..?

She thought she knew herself.. 
Better than anyone else..

Pretending that she's fine..?
Moving on her feelings from one to another...?
Controlling her feelings from becoming real..?
It was her talent.. 

By saying "I'm fine", 
By telling her heart to be realistic, 
She will end up just fine.. 
She could totally accept the fact that it was just a crush.. 

But this time, things were different.... 
It was nothing at first..
It was only a temporary meeting.. 
Well at least, she chose to believe that way.. 
But yet, how could those emotions exists..?

She knew she could barely forget memorable things..
But his voice..?
It keeps replaying in her mind..
Like a silent music, crossed into her ears.. 
She couldn't even get rid of it.. 

She's getting tired of herself now..
She tried to stop herself..
From getting further.. 
But guess she's just too late..
It's getting uncontrollable..

She might not be the one of his life..
But she wanted to imagine it that way, now..
Let's just let those feelings be..
And see how far it can go...

It could either gets worst..
Or things might be better..
But for now.. 
Let's just let her be on her own.. 
written by;
-Flavnesz @ Chapters-


  1. Replies
    1. Insya-Allah and Amin.. Thanks for the reminder kak Ana.. πŸ’•

  2. Awhh, this made me remember my crush and how it felt when I realized that the year is his final year. I always treated it as some stupid feeling but alas I still look up to him until now. I'm at awe at myself. Don't worry, if it is meant to be, it will be.

    // // afifahaddnan

    1. That moment when you realised it's not stupid feelings anymore.. 😭
      Whatever is meant to be, will be.. πŸ€—

  3. one way to console myself would be 'improved yourself, make yourself better - then when the right time comes, it will happened, the sparks.'

    now cheer up :D

    1. That's what I've been telling myself too.. haha.. Will do, Faten.. πŸ’•

  4. Stay strong Hanis. Pasti ada hikmah disebaliknya.

    1. Insya-Allah kak.. Will always stay strong.. hehe.. Thanks for the spirit.. πŸ’•

  5. Let her be..

    As written she remembered the voice.

    I knew that voice usually creeps into the awakened soul. her soul then.

  6. i dont know how to respond to this
    be strong?? go girl!

  7. Insyallah. Ada jodoh tak ke mana =) Anis kuatkan hati dan jadikan diri yang terbaik untuk si dia nanti 😘

  8. Salam ramadhan anis... Jom sama2 kita meningkatkan ibadah kita di bulan yg mulia ini...

  9. memula sy bc tajuk entry ni... "let it go" hahahaha

    1. hahahah.. Let it go tu mcm final advice dah tu.. haha

  10. I'm feeling similar to this recently, especially to imagine myself in the future. It actually becomes more scary to not even able to imagine myself. T_T

    1. Future is such a scary hopes, aren't they..? Q_Q

    2. Sangatttt. Future is about hope, to have a better life. 😷

  11. seakan memahami feeling ini
    .sangat payah melupakan pada yg pernah ada penting perasaan tu sebuah pemberian

    jika kita xterluah xapa.berbahagialah dengan sebuah rasa itu..

    salam singgah...dan jempur singgah juga...salam.perkenalan

    1. hehe.. Siapa la kita nak tolak perasaan yang hadir tu kan..? Mampu menahan dan memendam rasa, sampai satu masa, terlupa la yg ia pernah wujud.. hehe.. Salam perkenalan sis.. :D

  12. Adakah ini entri untuk move on dari crush?
    Teringat pulak kat ex-crush masa zaman poli dulu


    1. Salah..! Entri ni untuk bgtau org yg if org tu tgh angau, takyah la nasihat pape sbb mmg takkan jalan.. Buang air liur je... Haha

  13. btw, i had changed my link to :)