Chapter 117: Rant by Rant!

Wednesday, November 25, 2020


It's 4.20 am and here I am, realizing that I still have a blog that I had abandoned for quite something and thinking, "Hey! It's been a while... Let's write on you something!" 

But then, here am I, wondering what should I write or how shall I start because to be frank, there's not much happening in my life besides being jobless, being an owl till Ibu getting so mad at me as she could barely see me on daylight and also, I believe I am gaining so much of weight till Ibu can't stop babbling at me, pushing me to go on a diet but at the same time, she got worried whenever she didn't see me having any meal for the day, forcing me to forget my diet and keep eating... So yeah, that's the summary of my life so far... 😂

There's actually two working position queuing for me; one to be the mentor of Cosmotots (Yeah, I might be teaching, guys!) and another one is a questionable position offered by MARA to the former students of KPTM. However, they were put on hold as we could not travel overdue to PKPB so yeah, I blame the virus for making me jobless!
However, I believe Allah holds the best not only for me but also for everyone else. Some of you might face the same struggle while some may even be facing the worse so I wish you nothing but to stay safe and chin up in whatever you're going through... I guess that is all for me, as another sign I am coming back (hopefully) and till then, have a blast day everyone... 💞


  1. its okay. you can take it slow. moms worries. it's their daily agenda lol. hope you get a job soon!

  2. Hi! Hanis, it's been a while ;-)