Featured Chapters: 3rd / 4th Cashout from YouGov

Monday, December 16, 2019


There's lots that I had been meaning to update for the past week but I had been super busy to cope with my final weeks, and in the same time, I'm facing a hard moment with my health as my tonsil had been swollen up and I could not drink or eat at ease, woke up to a very dry tongue with a very high fever at the same time and it lasted for solid 5 days. Nothing works for me anymore when I had to postpone my internship interview, causing me to lose one potential place and leaving me with no other back up for now... 😭

Anyways, putting the misery aside, let's move straight away to the main topic. Well, if you're familiar with my blog or maybe a loyal reader of mine, YouGov might not be an alien to you since I had wrote about it as part of featured chapters in the year of 2017 or if you're new here, you could read about it here >>Featured Chapters: YouGov + Goodbye Blogspot?<<. 

To be frank, I am still active and loyal with YouGov. Today, I managed to redeem my points once again and I was thinking, why not if I share it once again because you know, 2017 seems to be an invalid fact if I am the new reader here. So, once again, we thought and the intention of sharing, I present to you, one of the most trusted platform to collect some pocket money; YouGov!

Thanks for that 510 points, I managed to strike my target to get my yearly pocket money from this site.

A friendly reminder to those whom are new about this thing, YouGov allows you to answer survey from time to time and even if we ended up to be disqualified to proceed with the actual survey, they would never dissappoint you and replaced it with 90 points survey which basically, just a quick survey and it may be repetitive but hey, at least your points is increasing instead being disqualified and gain nothing, right?

To be frank, I lose my count on if this is my third or the forth time but yes, my patience paid off real well because hey, all you need to do is check your email as frequent as you can, respond to their invitation, collect 5000 points and voila, you can choose the price and as for me, I'm always up for paypal. 

Here is the proof that YouGov never failed to light up my year and yes, what are you waiting for? 
All you need is to click the link that I had provided in this post, sign up, answer few survey, be patient and collect you points and voila! The money is walking the runway towards your paypal. 😆


  1. Thanks to you I learnt about this site hehehe, I already cashed out for the second time which later used to buy a book for my studies :DD

  2. Waa.. Alhamdulillah.. rezeki.. sy baru nak aktif dgn yougov hehe

    1. Huu.. Alhamdulillah... Takpe.. Soon dapat la cash out.. XD

  3. Haven't heard of YouGov before. Is it new?

    Syaza | www.syazaraihanah.com

    1. Not really, they had existed for years and i discovered it by myself.. XD

  4. Sha baru 3 kali rasanya redeem YouGov ini..