Chapter 106: Just Another Reason...

Saturday, September 14, 2019


Okay, I had been procrastinating a lot this year and I swear I am just too lazy to type anymore... I really hate the fact the that I still need to depend on the external keyboard ant to fix the internal seems like a waste for a student with no extra income like me. Adding the spice to this laziness is the fact that my eyes could no longer function normally as the scar from the sore eyes had left a permanent affect to my eyesight, causing both of my eyes to be blurry which I may say, forever... However, I still haven't make any glasses for myself since Papa would never agree for it and he's waiting for the doctor final declaration that I officially need glasses which would only in October.. So yeah, I had been going around and surviving my past semester + half of my upcoming semester with a blurry eyesight.    

It's a suffer, really, and it totally spoiled my mood in doing anything. I slowed down on catching up with the K-Drama, spending my time literally doing nothing and most of the time, I didn't even realize that the time had passed by really quick. Oh, and to be frank, my previous semester was a roller coaster ride for me.. Not gonna rant much about it but I swear, it was a total disappointment for me but I am still praying that there's still some hidden present from Allah S.W.T.  Well, there might be some hopes, right...? *crossing fingers*

Anyways, starting my new semester with a new hope but to be honest, I am not ready at all... I still need extra break and my mind is totally not align at all.. There's so much things to do; figuring out a.k.a searching for a space in any company for internship, 3 core subject + final year project a.k.a research which I still had no vision on. I'm freaking out but yet, here I am, looking for a space to empty this mind so here I am, ranting out of it... Well, please allow this space to be my personal diary for awhile, and I hope none of my readers would left because this space had always been my personal after all, the space where I am hoping for some love... 😊


  1. Using an external keyboard issa struggle :') I end up fixing the keyboard for RM120 /while bawling my eyes/ after a semester of struggle.

    I hope everything would be good for you, Allah wouldnt test His servants knowing they could not handle it :)

    1. It is a massive struggle.. I totally had this external keyboard of mine... T_T

      Amin... Thank you awak ❤

  2. That sucks real bad for having to use external keyboard and having blurry sight for months! Hope you'll overcome them soon.