Chapter 29: Sunshine Blogger Award - Mayy Jiee

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

You must be thinking, how many times she must post this tagging thingy.. Can't she get any better idea? Well no worries, this might be the last.. I just couldn't ignore Mayy Jie's award as, you know, looking at the title, I'm proud to be the sun that shone it's ray to everyone.. ☀

Since I had made the formal post of Sunshine Blogger Award on the previous post, I'm gonna to disobey all the rules and just focus on answering the questions.. Shall we?
 1. What's a nickname that some family/friends call you but you hate it so much?
To be frank, my family is a lame-serious- and- strict-but-we-think-we're-funny-together type so there would be no nicknames for me as they've been calling me as Anis.. Well, I started to receive lots of nicknames during secondary school and college time but among all, I tend to hate the name Zanariah. I'm supposed to be known as Zana since we have three Anis living in the same house but then, they just came out with the name Zanariah and they even changed it into Zanariah Zulkarnain, simply because they rhythm together.. Dude, my father is Hamid so please respect him as my dad.. πŸ˜’
2. What's a song you secretly love to blast and belt out when you are alone?
Currently or all time favourite? haha.. Well I'm totally random but my all time blast would be Hujan Kelmarin by Taxi Band, Secret Love Song by Little Mix, Setiaku by Hez Hazmi and currently, I'm so obsessed with Jampi by Hael Husaini till I didn't realized that I've been humming that song all the time lately... πŸ’†

3. Which way do you face in the shower? 
Okay I don't really get this question.. Imagining the toilet and guess I couldn't see anything besides walls and the doors.. So... I'm facing the walls? haha.. Sorry I'm stuck here...
4. What's a phrase or exclamation you always say?
"Oh Really?!" It varies when I'm excited, shocked or annoyed.. 
Okay you may want to slap me now.. πŸ˜…

5. What did you used to wear that you thought was cool, but now you realize it isn't? lol
I'm not sure about this since I rarely follow up the trends so nothing cool in my life but maybe I don't wear them because I'm not confident anymore.. Not because they're not cool.
6. What's one of your nervous habits?
I could talk as fast as I could and I need to get in eye contact with someone whom calm me the most and if I'm in eye contact with the wrong person, my voice would get shaky and I would start forgetting what I should say.. πŸ˜‘

7. Have you ever had a near death experience?
So far, Alhamdulillah I've not experience any of it but it always appear in my dream somehow.. Well, a dream of nightmare I would say..

8. Your biggest pet peeves?
People who say “ew” to the food on my plate with annoying face.. Had a friend whom always did this and she was scolded by all of us due to her habit.. Just respect other people's food, can't you? 

9. 3 top favorite blog? Why?
Only 3?? Can I say everyone whom had been commenting on my blog? hahaha.. This is so hard to be picked but if I have to, I would pick those whom no longer in this blogging world but still, they're an inspiration to me.. πŸ˜₯
He's a legend, I would say.. Although he didn't update anymore, I could re-read his entries thousands of times and could still enjoy it as if it's the first time I'm reading it.. 
Well, he's out of the blogging world but his wife is still an active blogger, Yaya Natsumi.. He's considered as one of my blogging brother and just like Zack Zukhairi, his blog could really made up my day..

I love doodled blog and to be honest, there is another doodled blog that I love the most but it didn't exist anymore so kak Aesya is the best choice to be picked.. hehe..

10. Your most favorite fonts.
Fonts? Hmm.. I would say Karla since it's quite neat and easy to be read? 
11. What 3 things you always look for in a blog?
Oh God, this would be hard to answer.. Who am I to judge a blog? But, I would definitely love the blog whom had it's own style, something that's not a copy paste and something that's attractive to be read.. It doesn't has to have it's own niche but instead of trying to be others, or copy others, just be yourself.. You would love your blog more that way.. I mean, it's your effort, it's yourself.. Love yourself before other.. πŸ’•


  1. Perghhhh there are 3 posts already for this sunshine blogger award. You're really shining now I would say haha. When I'm nervous, my voice would be shaky and I tend to mispronounce words and lost some of the important points.

    1. Not as shine as you i guess.. haha.. Well, I could manage mispronunciation and maintain the important points.. haha

  2. Hola Nesz, hihi, thank you sudi jawab semua. Eh samalah kita pasal breaking the rules tu.

    Mai pun dah terkena jampi dengan lagu jampi tau, bermula dari kenal kat blog ni lah. Hahah.

    Alaaa sorry soalan merepek sampai orang tak tangkap maksud, ni maksudnya soalan tu, heheh.

    and I cukup pantang orang kata eww kat taste muzik. Tambah2 condemn cd lagu dalam kereta, helooo, nak lagu taste sendiri tolong bawak kereta sendiri. btw, mai seorang bollywood freak, kekekeke.

    Zack Zukhairi ni serius awesome~!

    Ha ah la, Karla pun nice...

    1. hahaha.. I couldn't tolerate rock kapak.. Stress dengar.. Zack mmg legend la..

  3. I like reading zack's blog too. too bad he's not updating anymore

    1. Yup.. Well he's to busy with his life as a husband and stuff... But would always be a fan of him..

  4. Mana datangnya Zulkarnain tu? Pandai-pandai je diaorang... hihi

    1. Kan... Kita ok lg bab zanariah tu tapi bila dia tambah zulkarnain tu, kita panas.. haha

  5. #1 OMG you got a completely new name for a nickname haha. I think mine is worse. I used to be called 'Roya' as short form to my real name Rabiatul Alia and sometimes the boys called me 'Rogayah' instead. Damn I hate it so much.

    #4 'Oh really?!" my favourite exclamation too!

    #8 OMG that's an awful habit of hers.

    #9 Zack Zukhairi was my biggest inspiration too. Sad that he stopped blogging. I just hope that he'll never delete it.

    1. Rogayah? hahahhahahhah.. You had it worst..