Chapter 96: Closing Chapter of 2018

Monday, December 31, 2018


It feels awkward to be back, after months of leaving this space empty... Well, I wasn't went missing completely.. I was still here, almost all the time but I might have to say, I was temporarily distracted with the gaming life in "Plato"..Yup, you read it right.. I was addicted to it like 24/7 and I even played it whenever I could, except when I need to complete my assignments, obviously but still, I would be playing during the break.. So yeah, that was the sole reason why I didn't write for months.. Sorry but not so sorry.. 😆

Well, on the bright side, I didn't have time to be sad because I was enjoying my life to the fullest. Okay not exactly the fullest, there're times where I just felt like losing myself all over again but then "Plato" distracted me in a good way. It kept me away from twitter and Instagram so I don't really feel the negativity as much as I used to be. See, it's good to be away from the soc-med for awhile. Well, if any of you do played "Plato" as well, feel free to add me "Flavnesz94" and maybe we can play Literati together? 😙

Okay, enough with "Plato" and let's see, what had I achieved throughout this year..?

If I should sums up my 2018 in one word, I would say, it was a year of growth. It started pretty bad when I was in negativity towards my friends but once I pulled myself away, everything turned out different in 360 degree. I experienced a lot this year, on how to value myself more, why I should always see the bright side in life and what should I do whenever I'm in negativity. 

Yup, it was the year for me to learn and know about myself the best. It was dumb to realize how I used to be holding on the past so much, hoping that everything would be just fine while all I should do is to move forward and just seize every moment that I could have. I no longer care for the past, neither longing for those whom never appreciate my existence but I think there are some past issues that turns into grudge, which I feel it was unhealthy and I really want to resolute it but I know it won't be over till I confronted the person. Maybe 2019 is the year for me to become outspoken...? I don't know..

The best thing that occurred to me this year was that I'm able to make few new amazing friends and I'm delighted to be surrounded by them. They were super helpful and Alhamdulillah, some were always with me towards ups and downs and my days were never dull, thanks to them.. I'm so grateful to be able to living my life throughout this year.

Dear 2018, you had been the year filled of roller coaster rides but I'm surviving with a better version of me. Thank you for teaching me to become the strongest I had ever been and may this strength remains inside me forever. Welcome 2019..! Feel free to step in and just please be the best  year in my life..! Well, not only for me but for everyone.. Shall you..? ❤
ps:// My final exam for this semester is coming in less than 36 hours..  Wish me luck, please?
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