Chapter 59: Them..❤️

October 16, 2017

The postman delivered this to my house today.. 

#icook Chapters: Healthy Pasta

October 12, 2017

Assalammualaikum.. If you had read my Chapter 9, you might know that I used to be on Atkins diet for some period.. However, the problem that I had been facing while doing Atkins was that I could barely hold myself from being strict of avoiding the carbs.. I could resists the rice but I could not stop myself when it comes to kuey teow or pasta and as the matter of fact, there're times where I want to spent my money at the bakeries.. That's when I realized that Atkins is no longer ideal for me..

Luckily, I had another idol in this diet world as one of my sister used to be part of JK1M which was lead by Kevin Zahri, and not suprisingly, it was a huge success for her.. She managed to enjoy her diet and eat her favorite foods at the same time.. That was when I decided to ask for her guidance and thanks to Allah, I'm enjoying it so much..! 

If you're familiar with Kevin Zahri ideas of having a handful of carbs and balancing with other nutrients needed during lunch or dinner, that's how I tried my best to stick with his ideas and came out with the idea of campak-campak cooking and here I am, sharing my campak-campak recipe..😂

Okay I guess it's enough of long introduction and let's jump straight to the recipe, shall we..?

Chapter 58: Road to .....?

October 1, 2017


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