Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Featured Chapters: Giveaway Officially Closed..!


Okay so first of all, I should announce that my giveaway had ended, officially... I know it's been more than a week that it ended but somehow, I could barely get into this site due to my hectic life.. I'm not in a good condition since semester 4 doesn't seem to allow me to ease much as time past by in a blink of eyes... The next thing I know is that there's only a month and a week left for this semester to end..!

My oh my, I really need to breath.. There's still lots of lesson and assignments for me to catch, lots of memories that I had been eager to write but had been postponing again and again and plus, I still need some time to sort out the giveaway thing.. Thus, I'm sorry if you're waiting for this but please bear with me a bit, will ya..? I will try to sort everything out and announce the lucky person as soon as possible.. I truly hope you would understand my position.. Thank you.. ❤️

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Featured Chapters: Mystery Giveaway by Flavnesz


To be honest,  I'm kinda on the nerve right now since I'm not so sure if people would be joining this but let's just put them aside and give this a try.. This would be the first time I truly organized a giveaway directly by myself.. Well, I used to organized it once, years back in 2012 but hey, I think it's just the time for me to do something or least, give out something as a contribution after almost 2 years of come back.. ❤

Why May..? 
I personally think that this month is a special month for myself since it's the month of my birthday and it's a lil bit extra special with the presence of Ramadhan.. I was thinking to end this right after May ended but then, thinking of how people would not be in front of the lappy much, probably busy doing something extra better to make this holy month as worthy as they could, I decided to just extend this till June ended.. ✌

Why mystery..? You might be wondering.. Or perhaps not.. 😂
Well, it's just because I'm too lazy to take the flat-lay picture of the gifts (yup, there's more than one gift) and also, I think it would be better if it's remain as a mystery.. Well, let's just allow me surprise yourself because let's just agree on this; everyone loves surprises..

Rules of Giveaway:
1. Malaysian Citizen. (Just in case anyone outside Malaysia stumbled into this)😆
2. Follow "Chapters" a.k.a this blog.
3. Follow the ig: aunidbitezkuptm (I'm still considering if I should include this chocojar as part of the gift.🤔)
4. Create an entry entitled " Mystery Giveaway by Flavnesz"
5. Copy the banner and backlink to this entry.
6. Leave your link on the comment section below.

Extra *not compulsary*:
I would love to read your first impression on my blog, is there any improvement that should be done or if you had been reading my past chapters, which chapter do you love the most and why? I'm truly looking forward for those.🙈

And that's it..! (....) total kena blank sebab sis tengah fikir apa lagi nak include.. haha.. Lucky winners would be chosen in True Random Number Generator. Oh yes, if it's less than 20 participation, I might be canceling this immediately. *crossing fingers and hoping for the best support that I could get*

Quick Update: here's the list of the participants.. [[ CLICK HERE]]

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Chapter 88: Kenangan Terindah #8


I guess I had dump this site for too long till everything felt awkward for me.. It's like, I wanted to write about my eid, by I guess I should just calm down till I get the writing momentum back.. But again, I don't want to break the record of no post at all for a month, and I do realize there are two challenges that I had been procrastinating on; "#7SeriesofWriting" which there's still 6 series that I should complete and last but not least, "The 30 Songs Challege" which I had abandon it for months...! So let's just get back to these challenges, shall we..?

#8: song of friendship
If you had been following my old chapters, you might know from one of the post that I was previously a bully victim in school.. Not physically but emotionally, due to my size.. However, I used to have a best friend which I had known her since standard 5,  and we had spend almost every spare moment together.. We became best friends when we were in standard 6 and went to the same high school..However, everything started to change only when she moved out to Kelantan when we're in form 2... School was literally hard without her, as she was literally, my life and people started to treat me badly only when she left.. We were never in the same classes  but every empty moments was filled by her.. 

Before she moved out, she left me a letter, and along with it was a lyric of her favorite song and also her best jam, "Kenangan Terindah" which somehow, relates to the situation and yes, she's part of my best memory.. 

To be honest, we do still keep in touch with each other.. It's just, we barely talks now due to distance.. But trust me, she's still the best I ever had.. Well, how could I forget her when we even shared part of our name together, right, Anis Enne Nuramira..?
Just for you to know, you're always the best I ever had and I do wish for your all time happiness.. I love you.. 🤗

Monday, May 21, 2018

Chapter 87: Twenty-Fourth


credit: pascalchampion's deviantart
Happy 24th years of breathing dear self... There's still no sweet treats for you since it's a holy month and you're still on holiday but hey, at least you got plenty of love for today... The most heart-warming moment was to know how much love people had been feeling for you and in the end, you just realized that you're still important to them.. For the positive vibes that you had been spreading, congratulations dear self.. For the negativity that you had in life, may you slowly learn how to tune it into a positivity.. Nobody is perfect, but this growing process of yours may affect others too so please, cope with it well.. It's a new life waiting ahead, more adventurous moment waiting for you, or perhaps, a prince charming would be appearing soon..? Who knows, right..? Just don't stop having faith in you.. Keep chasing your dreams, have a wonderful journey and I'll definitely see you again in another year with the same date, okay dear self..? Just remember, no matter what you did or whatever awaits in the future, I'll always love you..

With love, 

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Chapter 86: Love [#7seriesofwriting]

chapters by flavnesz
credits: grafolio
"I tried to put this in words... In a secretive way... But those memories were too good, that I hate for it to be a secret..."

"Why don't you tell this directly..?"
"Why can't I do it indirectly..?"

"You need to express it.. It's now or nothing... Signal him something...! Come on...!"
"But HOW..?! What if he's too blind to see it..? Or.. What if I'm just too late..?!"

"Or... What if he's reading this now..? Shouldn't you just write this..?"
"Even if he's reading this now, would it change anything..?"

"Don't you love him..?"
"How do I define that word in the first place..?"

"Okay.. Let's start with this... Do you even like him from the start...?"
"No... I disliked him at the first glance.. Those tiny eyes and serious expression doesn't charmed me at all but my friend thought he was attractive.."

"And now...?"
"What do you mean by now..? It's been months since the last time I met him.."

"Okay, faulty question.. And then..?"
"Can't you just stop playing around..?!"

"Okay... I don't know why but I can't stop thinking of him, although it's been months since things ended.. I kept thinking how charismatic he was whenever he's doing his duty.. Such a flaming charisma.. However, he had a cheeky smile and attitude which I only realized after we got to communicate to each other.Those eyes which annoyed me at first, is something that I admired the most now..  There are times he would seek for my help and I could never say no to him, and there are times where I felt like he purposely did the thing just to trouble me but somehow, I'm delighted to do the work for him.. And out of my realization, I kept looking for him in silence throughout the end of my days..."

"Well.. It ended.. Your only source of happiness had ended.."
"Umm.. Not really.."

"Well, we followed each other on soc-med and seeing his name is enough to make my day.. Just enough to make me smile for the whole day.."

"Doesn't that just define what you've been feelings..?"

"Love.. Back to your question.. How do I define love...? The answer is this feeling of yours is something we called love.. He made your day in silence, and you just can't stop thinking of him.."

"What if.. He's just a crush..? Maybe I just admired him.. That's all.."

"How long has it been since the last time you met him..?"
"8 months"

"If he's just a crush, shouldn't it be over now and you should be having a new crush right after the new life started... The thing is, it hasn't over yet and you kept hoping for his presence in silence.. If that's not something that you could call love, then, what is it..?"

written by;
-Flavnesz @ Chapters_ 2.05 a.m.-

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