Monday, August 6, 2018

Chapter 89: Lonely [#7SeriesofWriting]

credits: Nhienan
"We will be together, till the end of this journey.."
It was a promise that was meant to be broken...
It was believable, 
at least for that particular moment..
But nobody could predict the future..
Who knew we would end up like this..?

"Pull out yourself and hang onto this..!"
Well, she tried...
Oh, she thought she could...
But how could her...
When nobody puts out a hand..?

"How could we help when you don't even ask..?"
How could she signal them when she could barely breath on her own..?
It was the thoughts...
It was a battle of inner strength..
The unbearable screams..
Yelling for her to release everything...
Just how could her...?

So, slowly...
She dropped out herself.. 
She was defeated on her own...
She might be crying inside.. 
But it was her choice..

To be alone...
To be on her own...
She's just too tired of holding on...
But deep inside..
She's all lonely...

6/8/2018:10.35 p.m.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Featured Chapters: Winners of Mystery Giveaway by Flavnesz !


Okay I know it took me so long to be here but then, it's better late than never, right? To be honest, I've been wanting to announce it but I had to delay and I only had the spirit to settle down by now... Well, just a quick update there's still more assignments in line so before I get to absorbed in it, let's just clear up this mess that I had made.. hehe.. Sorry guys...

Okay, so basically, my GA ended with 37 participants..! Okay, it's way more than I'm expected so I'm all over the moon... To those whom joined this and had invited me to support your GA at the same time, I'm sorry I'm fully occupied for these past few months and I believe it's already too late for me to join...😔

Okay, so here's all the list of participants with their number... 
Okay so basically, there will be 3 lucky person but I won't reveal the prize since it's a mystery but here's a quick clue; something of my obsession.. If you guys had been reading up of the chapters, you might truly get the gist... 

Anyways, let's just get to main part, shall we..?

Winners of Mystery Giveaway by Flavnesz 
Lucky person #1:Farhana Jafri
Lucky person #2: Beyoutaeful

Lucky Person #3: Zahra 

Extra: Special gift for the first participant, Hana..! 

Okay, so that's it.. Four lucky person for my first GA..For those whom doesn't win, I'm sorry but let's just hope I had something extra so maybe there would be another GA..? Still, thank you guys for the support..Hee..To the winners, feel free to drop me your details via email within 2 weeks:

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Chapter 88: Kenangan Terindah #8


I guess I had dump this site for too long till everything felt awkward for me.. It's like, I wanted to write about my eid, by I guess I should just calm down till I get the writing momentum back.. But again, I don't want to break the record of no post at all for a month, and I do realize there are two challenges that I had been procrastinating on; "#7SeriesofWriting" which there's still 6 series that I should complete and last but not least, "The 30 Songs Challege" which I had abandon it for months...! So let's just get back to these challenges, shall we..?

#8: song of friendship
If you had been following my old chapters, you might know from one of the post that I was previously a bully victim in school.. Not physically but emotionally, due to my size.. However, I used to have a best friend which I had known her since standard 5,  and we had spend almost every spare moment together.. We became best friends when we were in standard 6 and went to the same high school..However, everything started to change only when she moved out to Kelantan when we're in form 2... School was literally hard without her, as she was literally, my life and people started to treat me badly only when she left.. We were never in the same classes  but every empty moments was filled by her.. 

Before she moved out, she left me a letter, and along with it was a lyric of her favorite song and also her best jam, "Kenangan Terindah" which somehow, relates to the situation and yes, she's part of my best memory.. 

To be honest, we do still keep in touch with each other.. It's just, we barely talks now due to distance.. But trust me, she's still the best I ever had.. Well, how could I forget her when we even shared part of our name together, right, Anis Enne Nuramira..?
Just for you to know, you're always the best I ever had and I do wish for your all time happiness.. I love you.. 🤗

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