Chapter 114: 4 Months and 10 Days....

Thursday, February 6, 2020


Is it just me or time surely past by so fast? 4 months 10 days without you., welp, it's been quite rocky  road for us, pa... Ibu will officially be free from her "iddah" and her long waiting moment would finally be over.. She had been missing you a lot and pretty sure she is looking forward to "meet" you tomorrow. 

Pa, everyone is moving forward and without you besides us, it's an awkward journey for all of us... Everyone missed you badly and we had  beenpretending as if we're strong enough but to be frank, we're crying in our silence... Even Qaid missed you so much by claiming that the house felt empty without you... 

Pa... I started my internship but I literally choked down on my way to work since it felt so weird to start my new phase of life without you... I truly wish I could still rant with you,to see that proud face of yours seeing me started to drive by myself, managing my life without depending on anyone anymore... Yup, your final daughter is officially a grown up now... 

Pa, there's nothing more that I want in this life besides making you proud of me... And for that, I would not give up in this journey and this unstoppable of missing you feeling would be my spirit booster for life... Thank you for being my strength and for becoming the reason for me to success... You was and you are still the reason of my everything.. Love you Pa... 
"Papa tau perjalanan kau nis... Fokus... Teruskan buat papa bangga dengan kau." - Ateh.


  1. semoga ditempatkan di kalangan org2 beriman..

  2. salam takziah, be strong girlz~ ^^

  3. Al-Fatihah for your papa, Hopefully everything going to be fine even it is not same as before. be strong, that's your papa want you to be.

    who Qaid? like cheeky one name, same as my son. =)

  4. Alfatihah for your dad. Chin up and stay strong Anis!