Chapter 13: Closing Chapter 2016

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Assalammualaikum.. Since this would be the last entry of the year, it's the best for me to sum up everything, burying every memories that I had been going through this year.. There were lots of bittersweet moment but on thing for sure, they developed a better version of mine.. ๐Ÿ’ช
  • Blogging
I had been abandoning this beloved blog for years, and I didn't think that my action of making a total makeover, hiding the fact that it used to have the bitter memories, could make my spirit goes to this level.. And now, I just don't want to stop writing.. Well, not for now.. Getting to make some new blogging friends and knowing that I had some readers just lighten up the spirit.. I love you guys.. *sending the virtual hugs*

  • Baby steps to a healthy lifestyle
Well, as some of you know, I'm on the weight lose journey but I couldn't hold my desire sometimes.. You could never say no to your mom's cook so it's been a huge challenge for me! Dear self, you had done your best.. ๐Ÿ˜‡

  • My Best Sister's Marriage

Being the last child of the family, I hardly had a quality time with my siblings except for Ateh, the one whom had always been my back bone, supporting her one and only younger sister in whatever I'm doing.. She's the one whom had been listening all of my complaints about life and her house is my escapism from everyone.. I'm glad that she ended her single life and I couldn't be more happy for her.. Oh well,  I couldn't say no to a guy whom would bring his future sister in law (at that moment) to most of their dates, treating her like his own sister, could you? Psst, I even managed to get pocket money from him, few hours after their wedding ceremony.. Isn't he's so cool? ๐Ÿ˜†
  • 1st birthday surprise!
To be frank, this was my first birthday surprise in my life and I was totally shocked when two of my favourite buddy, Ecah and Wani (haven't had the chance to introduce them yet) planned for this.. It was actually double surprise as they had been planning together but since Wani's birthday was only few days after mine and it was going to be a mid-sem break for us, Ecah ended up buying 2 slices of cake.. In the end, double surprise for us.. ๐Ÿ˜

  • Double trouble with housemates 
It's been two years since we met and lived together.. I'm glad to be among them as they totally accept me for who I am.. This year had been a huge challenge for us since one of us became the "ragut" victim and few days later, a burglar (the same person whom had "ragut") broke into our house and managed to get one laptop.. What made it extra bitter, the owner of the laptop, which happened to be my roommate and two others were actually face to face with the burglar as they met right in front of the house door.. But they couldn't think right as he said, "Pergi tengok kawan korang kat atas, apa dah jadi dekat dia," and they just immediately rushed inside, worrying about what had happened to the "kawan".. As the matter fact, he actually lied and no one was at home atm, so he managed to go out safely without getting caught! 

  • Real mystical, ghost experience
Yup! This is the year where I faced lots of mystical incidents, disturbance of the entities in my rented house till we had to call an ustaz for help. The traumatic incident didn't end there as if you had read this post, I had stated that we had to end our biggest project due to an unexpected incident and for everyone's safety. It was actually because we made our performance at Muzium Negara and some of the team was possessed by the entities.. It would be a long story but maybe I would tell you the whole story sooner or later.. 

2016, you had been a challenging year but, thank you for every experience and the memories that you had granted to me.. Goodbye 2016, and we shall not meet again.. Welcome 2017! Please come in and could you throw the glitters ✨and rainbow๐ŸŒˆ for me, please..? ๐Ÿ’—


  1. wow, last skali punya cerita tu meremang bulu roma baca.

    hehehe. tahniah sebab dah dapat abang ipar.

    and yes, siapa lah mampu menolak masakan mak sendiri! hahahah.

    1. Haha, sebab meremang la jadi penakut sekarang.. xD
      And thanks for the wish!
      haha.. Tau takpe.. Mom's meal always the best food ever..

  2. hi,
    that ghost story though, so scary. i always heard lots of ghost stories back in university life, but never experienced it yet.
    hope that you have an enchanting and delightful year ahead!

    1. I used to heard lots of them during the school year and hardly believe them, but last year, it was a traumatic one for me.. The screams of the possessed mates could never be forgotten by me.. ._.

      Thank you and hope you have a blast year! :D

  3. so many things happened in 2016. hope we learnt something :)
    seram betul ghost experience tu T^T

    happy new year :D

  4. wow, what a year! the ragut and that entity. thats drama stuff. but it has given you such a priceless experience and that is gem.

  5. happy new year!! i hope u had a good one in 2016, also i wish for you to only feel happy around the year in 2017! all the best :)

    1. Happy new year, dear.. Hope you have a blast year too.. ☺

  6. Buhbye 2016... Welcome 2017..
    semoga perjalnan di tahun baru akan penuh dengan perkara yang ohsem..

    1. Aminnnn.. Hope you have a blast year too.. ๐Ÿ˜

  7. Nice to know you dear :) Rasanya baru je kita kenal kan. Hii. Semoga perjalanan hidup ana diberkati Allah dan dipermudahkan semuanya :)

    Jom kita kurus sesama. Susah nanye tapi jom kita cuba. Kuatkan semangat :D

    Seramnya kisah hantu tu.. huhu. Nanti if ada masa cerita details psal kisah kat MN tu eh..

    1. Tu la.. baru kenal.. hihi.. Memang susah pun nak kurus tapi tu la.. have too.. XD
      Insya-Allah nanti ada masa, sy cerita..

  8. uuu anak bongsu xD


    and your friends are totally sweet

    1. hahaha.. kenapa dengan anak bongsu? xD
      And yes..! They're sweet..