Chapter 82: Why Would I...?

Friday, March 30, 2018

credit: Grafolio

They say..

"Just be yourself..!"
"Let people accept you for who you are..!"
"Never change yourself for others..!"
"People may judge but there will still be people whom loving you..."

And I said...

"If people do accept me for who I am.."
"Why am I still losing ones day by day...?"
"Why do that person kept putting a gap between us..?"
"Am I that horrible..?"

"Well, it's just means that the person ain't the best in your life.."

What if...
It's just me whom really need to change..? 
Just maybe, I act in my worst..
And maybe.. 
I should change to be a better version of my own..
Don't you think so..?

And my mind answered, 
"Who are you trying to flatter to..? Yourself... or others..?"

Just right after, the heart whispered,
"Can't you just stop thinking on others and just love yourself more..? It's your responsible to produce the best version of you and each person do have flaws.. Stop judging yourself but keep constructing a better you.. If it's not you, who else would..?"

Dearest self...
If people kept leaving, it might not because of you...
It might be because of themselves..
It was their flaws of not accepting you for who you are...
Stop concerning on others...

But never neglect any advices..
Change when you could..
Accept it when you would...
But stop forcing yourself...
That's how your life should be..
written by;
Flavnesz @ Chapters


  1. Sooo agreed :') I've been there sis T^T But alhamdulillah since those who stay is the best that should be kept
    Nice sharing!! ^_^

    1. The question here would be, how long will they stay..? huhu..

  2. It's hard to not think about what others think of you. So having the believe that they ran away not because of you, but because of themselves is hard as we would keep blaming ourselves and not them. It's just hard.

    1. Ikr.. Nothing works well in comforting this matter.. πŸ’”

  3. Berubah bila perlu. Orang yang ikhlas dengan kita akan tetap setia dan terima kita seadanya. Mungkin yg pergi belum ikhlas dengan kita. Maybe.. Dan yang PASTI ALLAH nak jumpa kan kita dgn yg terbaik.😍

    1. True kak Ana.. Thank you for the reminder.. πŸ’”

  4. Nice poetry.
    Just be yourself Hanis.

    1. Thank you.. I'm trying myself to be me, Mrs. A.. πŸ’”

  5. My favourite word ever, Love yourself. i agree. Stop wasting time to think of what people said but we need to always remember, keep focus in ur version life ! <3

    1. Indeed.. But sometimes, it's just hard to ignore them.. πŸ’”

  6. berubah ikut keadaan secara semula jadi dan terkawal tanpa terikut2 orang :)