Chapter 81: Count on Me

March 10, 2018


I'm not in a good condition within this past few week.. I'd been dealing with various internal conflicts and obviously, I'm fighting with the negativity inside me.. I was smiling and laughing all the way but deep inside, it's empty.. Even my favorite lecturer noticed my misery and yet, I kept convincing her that I'm okay..

"Razanah Anis dah besar kan..?"
" Kenapa mengada sangat ni..? Benda kecik je pun..."
"Dah la.. Tolong la jadi matang.."

I kept chanting those phrases with the hope that I'd be okay but, no.. Nothing works for me till one day, I woke up early while everyone was asleep and look for Him... In the darkness, I cried upon Him, begging for the best strength in me and the next thing, I'm feeling as light as the feather..

You can count on me like one two three..
I'll be there..
And yes I know could always count on Him as He was and will always be there, willing and waiting for any cries of help..  One biggest thing that I believe that every Muslim should be grateful to be His servant and to be able to depend on Him.. Afterall, He's that one true "friend" that would never leave you in misery as long as you're with Him.. Right..? ☺


  1. omaigod same with me. cane eh nak fight dgn negative vibes semua tuuu. yealh selain cara islam lah kan, selain count on HIMM.

  2. Nooo, walaupun dah besar. It's okay to feel sad atau segala macam perasaan negative yang lain. It's okay to cry. It's okay dear.

    And, I know you can deal with it. You just need time. Mengadu pada Allah, He will definitely listen and help you. :')

    I'll pray that you will happy always. Takmo sedih2 okeyy? Hehe :)

  3. I feel you. Sometimes there is the time where we feel down. I cried so hard thinking about my problems and all. I prayed that Allah ease everything I do and I feel a little bit better after that.

    I hope you're feeling okay now. Smile always. I know we barely know each other but if you need someone to talk/share, I'm here with you 😊


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