Chapter 5: Raining Hearts

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

rain tumblr

I'm having a mixed feeling right now..! Most of my latest entries were gone..Q_Q Tu la tangan gatal lagi nak manage labels.. Tanpa sedar dah delete hampir semua entry, so I need to rewrite my diet journey from scratch..:/  Despite that, guess this is the  sign that I really need to move on from the past since most of my old memories which had been kept in the drafts are gone.. No more entries of old love, goodbye bitter memories, it's all about the future now *deep breaths and positivekan diri*... But still, my " Too Many Question Tags" drafts is gone too!*sighs* There's no words that I could use describe my feelings right now.. Hopefully tomorrow will be okay.. Dear Chapters, please be nice to me.. Sincerely, your one and only author...

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