Cinephile: Review Ejen Ali the Movie

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

It's been months since I truly watched a movie. If I'm not mistaken, the last movie that I watched in cinema was "The Divine Fury" acted by Park Seo Joon; back on those days when my dad was still alive. Ever since he left, my life became lifeless as I had to travel back and forth from Seremban to KL and no classes means equals to the rest day for my body so I shall not go anywhere unless with reasons. 

So, when my sister had been debating to bring her children to watch either Frozen 2 or Ejen Ali, I immediately suggested Ejen Ali because let's face this. It is easier to access on illegal film for foreign movies instead of local movies and I don't want to regret for not watching it, just like I'm regretting myself for not watching Upin Upin: Keris Siamang Gagap before. 

So, since this movie is not an alien for the Malaysian, let's just jump to the verdict, shall we?

I have to say, 2019 is the uprising year for Malaysian animation.  Starting from Upin ipin (welp, I missed that one) up to Boboiboy and now this, they never fail to leave a good impression. I could not enjoy 100% of the movie since my 4 years old nephew was quite distracted after 70% of the movie; starting to move from one end to another, hugging me, trying to drag me for an ice-cream sesh, and yet, I had to skip a lil' bit of the start due since my sister asked me to out to help her to grab the popcorn for all of my little ones! It is however, I shall still enjoy the whole movie and to be frank, I kinda wish to be able to repeat this movie once again without any interruptions from any of my little babies but the question is, when?😭

Anyways, you should go and watch if you haven't because trust me, it would never disappoint you.
Rating: ★★★☆ - Because I could not focus on the whole movie due to distractions, so I kinda wish for a repeat and then only it would be 5/5!


  1. peopla have been saying that ejen ali is goood! and i cant choose either to watch frozen 2 or ejen ali huargh ><

  2. I have watched Frozen and it was awesome! Even repeated Frozen 1 again, then another Frozen 2 just because I like it haha :D

    Went to watch Ejen Ali yesterday. I bet maybe I was tired enough after my night shift, I fell asleep in the cinema. Maybe another rewatch?

  3. Tahun ni permulaan kak ana masuk wayang sebab permintaan syafi. Dari upin ipin, lion king, boboyboy sampai ejen ali. Tp ejen ali mmg best. Tak sangka Kak ana terlayan sama sekali.