Chapter 98: The Comeback

Thursday, January 24, 2019


Hey "Chapters"...
There's a weird feeling in me, to be writing here again.. Idk, it's just, being absent for months made me feel... forceful....? 

The should I or how should I or what should I write had been bothering my mind.. Yes, I'm being picky in sharing my thoughts, because somehow, I was such a simple minded for the past few months... There's nothing much that bothered me except for when I kept losing in playing werewolves of Plato, being eager in playing Hago (yeah my life was all about game for the past 3 months), completing my assignments and lastly, living my life... Yup, 2018 was the year of me easing with my life...

There's an eager feeling in me, to start writing... So I "FORCED" myself to write Chapter 97: Escape but believe me, I'm not satisfied with it but I'm not gonna delete it either.. It would be a reminder to me of what would happen when I lose my soul... By then, I even decided to just stop writing...

But, I guess Allah knows me the best.. Starting my first class of 2019 with the subject "Creative Writing" and yeah, it's a sign that I would be getting my soul back and I'm gonna write all the way throughout this semester...! Smiling with a fluttering heart, this gonna be the official comeback of me, to keep the heart of yours... I'm not ignoring you again, and it's a promise... 


  1. Jom balas balik blogwalk.

    Aril ade entri baru.

  2. I miss you. I used to feel this way too. I didn't beat myself to it though. I just continue to write when I feel like it which takes likes few months. Just do what you want dear.

  3. Good luck in updating your blog! I've tried and I failed most of the time :(

  4. Hahaha, me too. Despite being so busy with my fyp, I also busy with the games! Playing mobile legends and now terpengaruh dengan pubg T_T


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