Chapter 93: Rant On Life - September

Monday, September 24, 2018


It's been so long since my last rant on life and I just felt like ranting tonight... To be honest, I kinda broke my words on updating during this semester break as I didn't even realized that I had wasted a lot.. Well, I spent my first week by taking care of my sister's cats as she went back to her in laws in Ipoh while her cats were barely surviving.. Well, one of the cat is not in good condition, she couldn't walk properly, often struggles and couldn't be cured since she's too old as a cat.. 15 years of human's life is too much enough for a cat to live but oh well, as long as she's surviving, we'll just treat the best as we could.. 

Well, to be honest I could just update my blog since there's wifi there but here's another deal.. I'm too occupied with japanese movies during my stay there and somehow, I find them rather satisfying.. I thought my addiction ended but then 2 days before I'm back to Seremban, I started to watch a Taiwanese drama and caught to be in love with it and thus, my obsession on dramas continued once I'm back to my hometown.. I finished korean dramas in a week; Familiar Wife, Still 17 and My Id's Gangnam Beauty (gonna write a review on them, soon) and despite all of those dramas, I'm caught to in loved with TV3's Malay dramas as well.. So yeah.. I'm showering my life with dramas all the time.. 🙈

As much as I wanted to write, I kinda have some issue by debating, what should I write..? I wanted to complete the 7 Series of Writings and 30 Songs Challenges but somehow, I'm just in a good mood that I couldn't even be in my normal self, I mean, to be in melancholic me.. I don't even bother on checking the soc-med much, simply because I'm just enjoying my life to the blast..

Things came out pretty well for me so far.. Alhamdulillah, I'm striving my goals to achieved dean lists for every semester and my results came out pretty satisfying, I don't think on being lonely anymore since the dramas had been my companion and I wanted to focus on my diet but then, I had a thought of "kalau aku struggle untuk kurus, and masa tu tiba-tiba ramai laki hulur perkenalan, macam mana nak tau diorang ikhlas, sedangkan masa kau gemuk, nobody cares to come to your life..?" 

Good vibes had been hugging me all the way, which I don't even care on my misery anymore.. So yeah, maybe it's because good things had been happening to me so far.. And thus, I decided to just not stressing myself on "nak kurus" and I just focused on my life, to love myself more than else... So yeah, I don't know what's happening to me but somehow, I felt good.. Well, I know my stressing life would be coming real soon since I'm back to class starting tomorrow but let's just hope I could cope with it and hopefully, back to my writing life because I swear, I missed writing, a lot..