Chapter 79: Rainbow or Rain..?

February 13, 2018

credit picture: Grafolio

There's a silent soul...
Yelling for help..
Hoping for anyone to heard the inner soul..
But non could be heard...
"Live your life to the fullest..!"
It was the easiest phrase...
But not the easiest act..
"Breath... No one lives in leisure..."
If people do define life as heaven,
how do the word hell exist..?
But can't they just at least try to understand..?
"I can't trust that gender anymore.. Each of them is the same..!"
What about your parents then..?
Can't you trust them too..?
And even if you're a broken pieces...
Can't you just trust in faith..?
"Can't you understand me at all..? I'm sicked of that gender..!"
Then, can't you accept the fact..
That there's no rainbow without a rain...?
But why are you blocking the rainbow from getting in now..?
Do you need more rain..?
13/2/2018 : 01.00a.m


  1. Parents is always a good example for trusting in opposite gender. Am i right? Fighting is part of marriage. No big deal at all. ❤❤

  2. rain lah best
    rainbow sekejap jer

  3. Yes I need more rain!!! ^^ heheh in hoping to get long lasting rainbow T^T

  4. i love rainbow but to see it after rain 🙈🙈

  5. I dont know what I need right now because Alhamdulillah I have it all... So I hope you have peace of mind. And I always pray for ya ❤

  6. Why go for the rainbow it is there for only a short while and then leave you cold. Go for the sun it is always there to give you warmth.

  7. Parents have big responsibility and children the easiest affected person from their behavior.

  8. nice poem. love your words so much!


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