Chapter 78: Balik Kampung #7

February 7, 2018


#7: Song to Drive to
It'll be just a quick update for today since this topic stuck me out... I'm not a driver in person and I'm the type whom would sing out to every single song that caught in my mind or I could just sing along with whatever that's being played.. I'm just simple that way.. However, to just accomplish this mission, the only song that caught my mind is "Balik Kampung" by Allahyarham Sudirman.. 

It's like the only song that would give the excite vibe, putting the eagerness on the way back to the hometown.. Well, nothing beats that I guess but I guess, my excitement for this song had vanish, since I'll not going back to any of my hometown anymore and celebrating eid in Seremban won't give the same vibe as I had in Pahang, with arwah Tok.. Okay why am I  distracted right now..?Let's just end it this way... 😅

P.s: No video since my rented house internet is quite a snail,  plus, it's only a "Balik Kampung" song and I don't want you to cry thinking of your hometown, not in these middle of the week.. 😂


  1. the best moment was when dapat nyanyi ramai2

  2. I can't keep the song stuck in mind well I just sing it out loud without hesitation haha! ^^ *but depend on situation heee :D for me fast-beat music is the best genre to drive to...

  3. To Seremban you need a different song

  4. lama tak singgah sini. rindu hehe

  5. Syafi selalu sgt nyanyi lagu tu. Padahal kampung dkt kg sebelah je. Hehe.


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