Chapter 75: Devil at Heart

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

chapters by flavnesz
source: Yuuta-Apple

I've been trying to become a strange person lately..
I'm not sure if concern is the right vocab..
But I've been listening to random person problems..
And somehow..
I just felt sick of it..

It reminded me to my unwanted past...
I'm not affected emotionally but I was so furious listening to it..
"How to move on..?"
"Why do that person did this to me after years of love..?"
"I felt like just be in relay with someone so that I could forget my feelings to that person.."

Listening to those, pissed me off...
But I tried to compose myself..
And tried my best to help the person.. 

I shouldn't focus on anyone anymore..
Or just maybe...
I should ignore every broken heart..
Because eventually..
That person will learn the lesson by self..

One thing that I had learn from this situation...
A broken heart would barely accept your advice.. 
And all the person would do is just reminiscing the past..
Hoping that things would be back on its place again.. 

And I hated the situation..
Because it was just like a scattered memories.. 
It seems just like a reflection of my yearning heart..

So please, dear self...
Just stop being such an angel..
Because in the end, 
There'll just be a devil at heart instead..  
17/1/2018 : 1.29 AM


  1. cuba sibukkn diri dgn pkara yg blh buatkn kita lupa... ni tips dr seorg sahabat.. dia ajar camna nk move on.. haha

    1. The thing is, I dah nasihat dia macam2 but the person kept repeating the same problem.. huuu

    2. Besides getting busy I'd recommend throw/delete everything that has her/his memories in it.

    3. What if, nanti dia menyesal bila dah buang..?

  2. So true anis. Kadang org sekeliling berbuih mulut org kata bagi nasihat tapi masuk telinga kanan keluar telinga kiri. Pokok pangkal org tu sendiri kan. Biar masa yg memyembuhkan.

    1. Yes kak Ana.. Let the time heals it sebab memang diorg susah sangat nak accept nasihat.. Huu..

  3. I wish I could be a good listener to hear your problem~~ *cewah Hana tetiba emotional heheh ^^ Keep going sis... the past is so behind you :)

    1. Oh well, I'm not in problems but listening to people just made me reminds the past and making me realize how dumb I was.. I was just pissed off because the person didn't listen to my advice.. Tu je.. hahaha

  4. yang penting kita sudah melepasi tanggungjawab yakni br nasihat. jgn kelak tuduh kita x beritahu/ nasihat bla terjd sesuatu.. haaa mmg nk kenalah ms tu kan...

    1. Haaa betul tu.. Dah buat tugas kita as kawan.. huu

  5. hugs * .. everything happens for a reason k dear. salam perkenalan

    1. Err.. It's not me who is in heartbreak.. but anyways, Salam kenal sis.. :)

  6. Thank you for the advices.. Seriously, It means a lot.. Bukan tidak menerima nasihat atau masuk telinga kanan keluar telinga kiri.. Bukan hari ni kita menasihati, sehari dua, sebulan dua, luka di hati sembuh begitu sahaja.. Ia memerlukan masa..

    Sebagai sahabat, anda mendengar dengan sangat baik.. Bezanya, anda telah melaluinya dan sahabat anda ini baru sahaja melaluinya.. Anda memerlukan masa untuk bangun begitu juga sahabat anda..

    Maaf membuatkan anda merasakan sick of it..