Chapter 55: Chapters to The Next Level..!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


There's  lots of things that I need to update but since I would have loads of time starting next week, due to my school practicum has ended, I guess it's the best for me to keep on hold of every life matters.. 

As for today, I'm just feeling to reminiscing the journey that I had with this beloved writing space of mine, since it's officially on domain now.. Yes, you read it right.. I finally made a huge decision of taking 'Chapters' to the next level..!

Created with the help of a good friend of mine, with the in-matured mind reason, "to record the memories of my love life", yes that's how naive this space was.. Due to the innocence mind, everything was cheesy and to keep it private from my family, it stands with a cheesy url too..! 

It was when everything changes.. I had a huge vision back then, determined to improve my writing, with the hope that I was accepted by the community.. And yes, I was the strongest when I had everything, him and the "Blogger Apakah" cliques whom was being the backbone of my improvements.. 

I abandoned this little heaven of mine due to the life crisis, of losing the person whom I used to love, and due to the stressful life events with papa.. And as the year past by, I tend to abandon this space, letting it dying and slowly been forgotten.. 

Nov 2016..
The month where everything changes.. I made a huge decision by forgetting the feelings and by hiding every past memories, I decided for a re-incarnation and guess what..? It was the best decision that I had made.. 

Aug 31 2017..
Dear 'Chapters'..
Welcome to the new, big world.. You had been loved by quite some people, which is to me, far beyond my expectation and I'm so thankful for every loved that you had been receiving..Well, I'm not sure how far you would grow since I'm such a noob-ie in this but one thing that's promising, I would never leave you again and hopefully, you'd always be loved by everyone whom entered this little chapters of yours.. 💕

with love, 
Razanah Anis 


  1. Let's keep blogging and spread the warmth and kindness 😍😍

  2. Let's blog for a better life he he he he. You've come this far, so stick to it and keep moving forward.

    1. Let's do it together.. hehe.. Thank you and will do my best to keep moving forward.. :D

  3. InsyaAllah, Amiin. Moga Allah Permudahkan urusan Anis.

  4. Wah sudah bertukar wajah. Menarik termasuk tulisan.

    1. Tukar sikit je Adam.. I didn't change my writing style though... hehe

  5. Wow almost 7 years already. Keep writing & blogging!

    1. Alhamdulillah for the up and downs.. Insya-Allah will do..! hee

  6. Coincidentally, I reincarnated my blog in Nov 2016 too!

    Keep blogging Anis, the blogosphere won't be the same without you ;)

    1. Really..? Okay that's a huge coincidence.. haha..
      Naww.. Thank Lya..!


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