Chapter 111: Shall I Say, Hello 2020?

Thursday, January 9, 2020


Is it still  valid for me to wish all of you Happy New Year? Okay, I know that it's too late since we're already on the second week but it would be so awkward if I didn't do so. I had been wanting to update but I was truly occupied. Officially settled my FYP only on the 31st of December, followed by the hectic 100 days Tahlil of my late father on 4th and then, right now, I am still in the misery of getting a place for an internship which supposedly for me to start on next week, Monday but, it's okay... I could start a bit late but I truly hope I could get a place where could deliver my best and you know, be me... 

Well, to be frank, there is company that is in my mind but I would only gets the answer by next week and I wouldn't deny myself that I really, really want to be there... There are plenty of random stuff that had been lingering on my mind and I won't reveal much till this place confirmed my application but just a little hint;

I am actually all excited thinking about that place as it's connected to children matter, and you guys know how I'm totally attached to my ex-students, and the thought to be able to work in an environment involving kids without being attached to the formal lesson plan, the whole idea of that just made my heart all fluttering and yes, I had been telling my close friends and my sisters that I really want to be there and all they had been saying was; "Buat solat hajat hari-hari..."

Dear heart, calm down... Allah knows the best and if it is meant to be, you will be.... Dear 2019, thank you, for all the lesson and you will never be forgotten as you hold the most important event in my life, the moment I was not prepared of but still, thank you.... 2020, I will not hope for a change in anything anymore because I'm too afraid if I wished it wrongly once again but please, guide me to become the best version in me, life wise and hopefully, a stability in the career wise. 


  1. Happy New Year, Anis. May everything goes well for you in 2020 :)

  2. May this year brings us all good things :)

  3. Happy New Year Anis. Insyaallah you'll get what you need because Allah knows what's best for us. May 2020 bring you more joy and happiness.

  4. Happy New Year, May 2020 be a great year for you!

  5. Happy New Year kak Anis ^^ I'll be sure to be your loyal reader during this year Inshaallah... ;) Stay awesome! Stay cute! Stay Incredible! Stay You! Heeeee ;D ;D ;D

  6. happy new year dear anis. singgah dari blog Hanachie hehe. salam kenalan dari Kak Anamizu :)