Chapter 107: Last Haul of The Month - Sogo sales

Sunday, September 22, 2019

I noticed myself to be a lil' bit weird throughout this degree journey... It all started with a semester where I would never come to class without any make up... It was my confidence booster, which made me felt better about myself.. Then my circles changed, and somehow, my ignorance on make up came out of nowhere.. I don't care about dolling myself anymore and I just don't care about making my self presentable and the only thing I would wear was sunblock and a lipstick.. And somehow, for the past weeks, I am back to dolling up... 

It's weird, but I don't know.. I just realized how weird I would look like if I only wear lipstick to class and I could hear my mom's voice in my head saying, " Bedak mana bedak? Dah macam anak orang asli dah ibu tengok kau ni! "๐Ÿ˜‚

Well, at least that was what she would definitely claimed throughout my teenage years before I gained interest on make ups. Anyways, as I was having a lunch date with my kak chik on Sogo Maju Junction on  friday, she wanted to look around at the sales section where exclusive sales for Sogo members would be held. Well, there were few sub-brands was elected and my eyes were first caught on Elianto's booth to grab some sheet masks. 

I thought my shopping ended there when my sister suddenly poked me and pointed at the booth next to her while whispering, "Weh, ni kau suka la ni." It was ZA's + Senka's booth and to be frank,  I had been holding back myself for not buying any extra make ups anymore since I do realized  that my make up collection is way too much for a single person but yet, I failed to hold myself.. Well, how could I when the stuffs were only priced at RM10 and RM15 per item..? 

My mind went from, "You already had enough and you don't need these to THIS IS A REAL DEAL AND YOU SHOULD NOT LET THIS AWAY real quick.. So yeah, new make ups and since I have not have any current skincare routine, I was thinking, why not give their skincare a try as well..? So yeah, I ended up on a shopping spree for myself.. ๐Ÿ’†

Things that I had grabbed during the sale: 
  • Za Deep Cleansing Oil - Normal price: RM 42.90
  • Za Deep Hydration Lotion- Normal price: RM 34.80 * i guess, can't find the actual price in Malaysia
  • Za Deep Hydration CreamNormal price: RM 46.10 * i guess, can't find the actual price in Malaysia
  • Bye2 Shine Powder - Normal price: RM 36.90
  • Za Cream to Powder CC- Normal price: RM 40.40
  • Za Bye2 Shine Base UV- Normal price: RM 34.90
  • Za Perfect Cream Liquid - Normal price: RM 38.50
  • Za Cheekc Groovy - Normal price : RM39.90
  • Senka Speedy Perfect Whip - Normal price : RM35.90
  • Elianto Sheet Mask, 5 packs of 3 pieces @ RM30
With these, the total of the damage spent was RM 135, so yeah, I should not spend for any skincare or make ups for few months starting from now...Welp, I really hope not.. With this post, maybe you could expect some review from me sooner or later..? Maybe.. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Till then, We'll meet again.. ๐Ÿ’—


  1. I bought a number of sheet masks too since Watson is having a sale on that item :') Damaged done, but I'm happy - so.... lol

  2. I ALWAYS have the contemplation between 'I have these already I don't need to buy them' and 'I must not miss this promotion I'll just buy them' too. Failed every time! Hahah

  3. Time sales ler... kita kena grabbed kalau tak nanti nyesal ehh!