Chapter 67: One Love #2

Sunday, December 17, 2017


I'm not sure how to start but I guess it would be better if I let you listen to the song first.. hehe...

Done..? I bet some of you might be new to this song but for some of us, this song is legendary..! I do remember myself humming to this song when I was 8, repeating this song again and again while playing games from the huge computer.. Well, I could say it was my jam for years before I grew up and somehow, this song was forgotten.. 

However, as I was looking for the songs that I could feature for this challenge, somehow this song crossed into my mind and yup, I'm still loving it..! It might be my jam without me understanding the lyrics, but now, as I'm listening to it carefully, this song is lit..!
It's kinda funny how life can change
Can flip 180 in a matter of days
Ant: Sometimes it works in mysterious ways
One day you wake up without a trace
I refuse to give up
I refuse to give in (oh)
You're my everything
I don't want to give up
I don't want to give in
So everybody sing
One love, for the mother's pride
One love, for the times we've cried
One love, gotta stay alive
I will survive
One love, for the city streets
One love, for the hip-hop beats
One love, oh I do believe
One love is all we need

People might think that this is just another normal love song, but to me, it's something else.. It defines love as passionate spirit in something that we want to possess or in whatever we're chasing.. So instead of love towards humans, it could be your love towards your desire, of your vision, of how you won't giving up in something that you love.. Well, we could only living out our life by loving the life.. And this song interprets everything, which is why, I'm loving it all over again..  ❤


  1. Femes lagu ni masa kak ana sek men dulu. Tp masa tu kena beli kaset. Mana ada youtube lagi masa tu kan. Nak tgk VC kena tggu dkt tv kalau nasib baik ada lah. Hehe

    1. Haha.. Kakak anis ajar dgr lagu ni.. Dulu my siblings rajin beli kaset so i grew up listening to westlife and seangkatan dengan nya.. Yg boleh bukak kat komputer pun tak ingt sape yg letak dalam tu.. My brother rasanya.. Haha

  2. Oh my! It's been a while since I last listened to this song. The memories~

    1. Ikr... Which is why this song is legendary..! 💗

  3. Adeh!!! susahnya 30 song challenge ni for Mrs. A.
    Surrender ngeh! ngeh! ngeh!

    1. Alamak.. Awal2 dah surrender ni Mrs.A.. hahahah

  4. First time dengar. Dulu tak pandai nak layan lagu, sekarang baru nak pandai. Hahaha. Done follow dekat sini. Salam kenal :)

    1. Kita pulak baru nak faham.. hahahaha.. Salam kenal sis.. :D

  5. Suka lagu nie.. Masa nie memang dengar je.. Tapi bila dengar sekarang memang lagu nie beri semangat sebenarnya.. Masih lagi suka..

    1. Kan sis kan.. Dulu sekadar dgr tanpa faham erti.. hehe