Chapter 99: Messy Thoughts

Thursday, February 14, 2019


Have you ever been in a coincidence where you met someone whom you didn't even interested to be friends with at first but then in the end, you can't just get enough talking to..? Well I did and it's funny to think how you could find someone whom could be so close to you... Well not as close as in location but the person is so close to the heart which we shared common stuff... 

There was no "love" or "flirty" conversations. It's just us, spending some time, talking about life,  random interests, rants on our studies or how hard the exam was but still, the person never fails to excites me... And somehow, I'm afraid of this development among us.. I could feel myself getting attached to the person every single time we communicate, and yes, I didn't like this feelings.. I hate getting myself in hope but whenever I tried to pull myself a lil bit further, I just failed.

What should I do...? How could I stop this different feelings...? I don't want to be in disappointment  later but still, I can't afford to lose someone whom is so close to me right now... The random talks that we had, they were such a precious moment that I would want to value every single day... Well, maybe that person is my precious, for now... How could I tell...? It's been years since the last time I had someone to rant with..  Oh, I just couldn't bear this messy thoughts anymore.


  1. Waalaikummussalam...
    Mungkin dia pun ada rasa yang sama ;-)

  2. I am sorry that I have no idea how to solve it but I hope it will get better in the future 😊

    Syaza |


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